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Golden Rod & Knotgrass Tea - cleanse, detox & refresh
Golden Rod & Knotgrass Tea -  cleanse, detox & refreshGolden Rod & Knotgrass Tea Cleansing herb tea blend This herbal tea contains Golden Rod (Solidago) a herb in a group of about 100 flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. Golden Rods are mainly perennial and native to North America. They were brought into Europe and other parts of the world in the 18th Century and today, are commonly found in meadows, fields and ditches. Benefits and features of A.Vogel Golden Rod Herbal Tea: Cleansing, detoxing, refreshing             &n...Read More
Heavy Duty Walking Frame
Heavy Duty Walking FrameThis walking frame offers excellent stability and is designed to accommodate users up to 223kg (35st). Although reinforced, it is made from aluminium ensuring it remains sturdy yet lightweight.   It is available in either a non-wheeled or wheeled, both height adjustable in 20mm (¾?) increments. Width 700mm (27 ½?) Depth 420mm (16 ½?) Maximum user weight 35 st 223 kg ...Read More
Olivia CosyFeet Slippers
Olivia CosyFeet Slippers Snug, seam-free slip-ons Adjustable slip-ons - what a great idea! Simply pre-adjust the strap to fit your foot and then slip them on. Olivia is completely seam-free making her perfect for sensitive feet and toes whether your're indoors or out. Why you'll love Olivia ... Slips on and off a swollen foot without fuss Opens wide to fit even very swollen feet Wear them indoors and out! Seam-free softness for sensitive feet and toes...Read More
Windsor Collection - Sofa, Rocking Chair, High back Armchair and Stool
Windsor Collection - Sofa, Rocking Chair, High back Armchair and StoolA design which provides comfort and support with a deep buttoned back and full wing styling. Polished wood knuckles assist when rising. Back and seat cushions are fully reversible.   Enquire about our overnight delivery on the high seat....Read More