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Hugs Children's Vertical Stander
Hugs Children's Vertical Stander A durable, functional stander that provides children with the therapeutic benefits of standing with four points of support: chest, pelvic, knee and foot restraints. Places children at peer level Stand detaches for storage or transport All supports are height adjustable Detachable tray included   Little Hug Stander  Maximum user weight 3½ st 23 kg  Height of Child: 810-1070mm (32-42?) Code: 4620 ...Read More
Pressure Gel Commode Cushion
Pressure Gel Commode Cushion Designed to fit most commodes to provide pressure relief for those at medium risk of developing pressure sores. It is made of a heavy duty vinyl filled with a special gel mixture and welded to create small sections.   In use, it conforms to the body contours, significantly reducing the pressure that can cause sores or slow down their healing. Size 410×430mm (16×17?) Weight 6.5kg Maximum user weight 20 st 127 kg ...Read More
Carer's Pager
Carer's Pager In addition to the main monitor, the carer can carry a pager at all times that receives a signal from the monitor when a call button is pressed or if a door or movement sensor is activated. The range is approximately 150 metres. Each pager uses 2 x AA batteries (not included). ...Read More
Rupert CosyFeet Slippers
Rupert CosyFeet Slippers Clothe your feet in comfort with these snug yet spacious slippers. Made from a luxury warm fabric that's both smart and supportive. ...Read More