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Disposable Bed Pan
Disposable Bed Pan This disposable bed pan is ideal for use with the disposable pan rack on the Atlantic commode chair. Holds up to 1 litre of waste....Read More
Concentration Essence
Concentration EssenceCombination flower remedy Exams, driving tests, studying, competing are all times we need to be super focused and concentrating. This combination of the flower remedies of White Chestnut, Blackberry, Yarrow, Larch, Nasturtium, Mullein, Hornbeam, Wild Oat, Cerato and Peppermint will help to dispel the mental fog, distractions and lack of focus that sometimes hit us when we need to concentrate most. With a clear and refreshed mind, concentration is enhanced accordingly....Read More
Stand Easy Assistance Standing Frame
Stand Easy Assistance Standing Frame Ideal for anyone who needs that extra help getting from a seated to a standing position. This sturdy standing frame offers a secure solution to those who require assistance when getting in or out of a chair, wheelchair, bed or even car. The frame features a dual handle option which allows users to adopt either a push or a pull motion when raising or lowering and allows freedom to walk forward without obstruction. Internal width 500 to 700mm (193/4˝ to 271/2˝). External width 530 to 730mm (21 to 283/4˝). Lower handles 620 to 800mm (241/2 to 311/2˝). Upper handles 820 to 1000mm (321/...Read More
Homecraft Bed Grab Rail
Homecraft Bed Grab Rail An ultra sturdy bed grab rail, offering stability and confidence. The height adjustable frame can be positioned to suit virtually any divan style bed. Two legs rest on the floor and the frame is secured into place via three straps, ensuring minimal movement when in use.    The Homecraft Bed Grab Rail is simple to assemble and fit.   Height of handle 850 to 950mm (33½ to 37½ inches) from the floor Width of handle at the top 265mm (10½ inches) Size of under mattress...Read More