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Nilaqua Shampoo
Nilaqua ShampooCompletely clean hair without water or rinsing. Ideal for camping, travelling and the elderly or infirm. Nilaqua Shampoo is an alcohol free and hospital-approved hair cleanser that leaves hair fresh, clean and odour free without water or rinsing.   Simply apply, massage to a lather and towel dry. Note this is not a dry shampoo 200ml bottle ...Read More
Rocking T Knife
Rocking T KnifeThis rocker knife has a large, 100mm (4˝) handle with a stainless-steel, single-edged blade. Because pressure is applied directly above the food to be cut, less strength and dexterity is needed by the user. Dishwasher safe up to 105°C (220°F). ...Read More
Deluxe Drip Stand
Deluxe Drip Stand A deluxe drip stand with a low centre of gravity and a maximum load weight of 10kg. The height can be adjusted from 1170 to 2030mm (46 to 80˝) to accommodate different users and environments. Supplied with anti-static manoeuvrable castors. Height adjustment 1170 to 2030mm (46 to 80˝). Maximum load 10kg. ...Read More
Savanah Modular Bath Steps
Savanah Modular Bath StepsThis attractive, modular bath step has been specifically designed to make daily activities, especially getting into and out of the bath, easier. The large surface area gives the user confidence and the textured surface provides additional safety. A single step has a 100mm (4 inches) raise and the modularity of the Savanah Bath Step allows it to be stacked on top of each other or clipped together to give a larger area or create a small stair.   Each additional step adds an extra 50mm (2 inches) to the height of the step, up to a maximum of six steps (giving a 355mm...Read More