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Batty Sock and Stocking Aid
Batty Sock and Stocking Aid This device which helps the user apply socks and stockings is made up from four moulded plastic parts, ideal for easy storage and transportation.   Each part has a specific use The collar or gutter holds the garment An extension piece for the middle section A handle with a hole to hang the item up by A shoehorn with a notch to help with sock or stocking removal   The collar and extension piece interlock and fit onto either the handle or the shoehorn. ...Read More
Steel Grab Rails
Steel Grab Rails These steel grab rails are available plastic coated or epoxy coated They are all made of 25mm (1 inches) steel tubing ...Read More
Luxury Fleece Topped Wheelchair Cushion
Luxury Fleece Topped Wheelchair Cushion These Luxury Fleece Topped Cushions offer the utmost in comfort. They feature a luxury pure wool pile on the upper and front edge and have a vinyl underside. The cover is zipped so it can be removed for washing.   Available in two sizes.  09 117 6338 406mm (16 inches) 09 117 6346 457mm (18 inches)   ...Read More
Leg Lifter with Stirrup Loop
Leg Lifter with Stirrup LoopThis webbing strap with stiffened stem enables the user to move a stiff or immobile leg when using the bed, wheelchair, footstool etc. The upper loop fits around the hand and wrist, and the lower stiffened loop slides over the foot to give control in lifting the leg....Read More