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Dominic CosyFeet Shoes
Dominic CosyFeet Shoes This stretchy, lightweight shoe won’t put pressure on painful feet. Put on a pair of Dominic and you'll think they've been 'made to measure.' The wonderfully, stretchy Elastane uppers mould themselves to any foot shape, without putting pressure on painful toes, joints or swelling. And there's no need for adjustment if your feet change shape during the day. ...Read More
Electric FootWarmer
Electric FootWarmer A practical solution for those that suffer from cold feet. This rapid warming foot warmer has a choice of 2 temperature settings, with a soft washable fleece lining and hard-wearing outer material.  Size 320 x 260 x 260mm (12½ x 10¼ x 10¼ inches)   The hand control has an illuminated display for those with limited vision.  ...Read More
HIPS Soft Hip Protection System
HIPS Soft Hip Protection System The HIPS® Soft protection system is based around a uniquely designed protecting cushion made from a soft and protective foam material. The protector absorbs the energy of the impact and the force of a fall.   The HIPS underwear has a specially designed fitting to ensure comfort and secure placement of the hip protector, ensuring that the hip bone is safe and protected in any position it might be exposed to during a fall.   The HIPS protective cushion works through a patented system of soft foam that absorbs the energy of the imp...Read More
The Dressing Solution Dressing Stick
The Dressing Solution Dressing Stick Combines two functions in one aid - a dressing stick and a shoehorn. One end has a strong plastic, push-pull S-hook that retrieves clothing or other items. The thick, easy-to-hold shaft has a foam covering to improve grip. 610mm (24˝) long.  The other end is a long-handled shoehorn. Weight 142g.  ...Read More