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Low Back Children's Toilet Seat
Low Back Children's Toilet Seat This stable seat has a low back that supports the child helping them to sit up straight. It has a waist belt that is easy to adjust and the seat also features a splashguard. The small size is fixed with a nylon strap and the medium size is fixed to the toilet with a hook and butterfly nut placed at the back of the backrest. It can be cleaned in an autoclave at a maximum of 85°C for 3 minutes or washed using a mild detergent pH 5-9 Available in small and medium ...Read More
Dandelion tincture
Dandelion tinctureDandelion (Taraxacum) Extract of freshly harvested Dandelion Our Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) tincture is made from both dandelion root and dandelion leaves. The plant can be found growing in most temperate regions of the world and is part of theAsteraceae or sunflower family. Benefits and features of A.Vogel Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale): Made from freshly harvested Dandelion root and herb Organically grown Botanical food supplement ...Read More
Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Potty Seat
Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Potty Seat This potty seat is specially designed to meet the toileting needs of users with heights ranging from 1250 to 1730mm (48 to 68?) and weighing up to 59kg (9 ¼st). The seat is shaped to position legs in flexion and abduction to encourage bladder and bowel functions. It can be positioned over toilets or used as a free standing commode, so it’s ideal for clinical, school or home use. Lateral supports and tray to help provide trunk stability Flexible elastomer splash guard/seat ring protects seat and is removable for easy cleaning ...Read More
Prima Grab Rails
Prima Grab RailsAn innovation in safety grab rail design. The Prima grab rails feature special soft grip mouldings around the bar to reduce the risk of slipping, even with wet soapy hands. The bars are strong, one-piece moulded plastic with the super reinforced strength of an internal non-rust aluminium tube. Maximum user weight 25 st 160 kg  Available in Mint and White   The ergonomical grip is comfortable and never cold to touch. The straight bars can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Available in a range of four differ...Read More