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Paediatric Therapy Stool and Bench
Paediatric Therapy Stool and Bench To be used by therapists, teachers and parents, these stools and benches are padded, mobile and height adjustable. Stools are available with castors (height adjustment: 490×540mm) or without lockable castors(height adjustment: 360-460mm).   Maximum user weight 12½ st 80 kg ...Read More
Jump CosyFeet Sandals
Jump CosyFeet Sandals A super-soft, roomy sandal lined with stretchy neoprene. These sporty-looking sandals are so soft and comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them! Perfect for walking the dog or sightseeing on holiday, the stretchy neoprene lining adjusts to the contours of a swollen or misshapen foot to give a supremely comfy fit. Why you'll love Jump... Stretchy neoprene lining adjusts to the contours of your foot Completely opens up, so they’re easy to get on and off swollen feet ...Read More
Triple Folding Bedside Mat
Triple Folding Bedside Mat A high density foam mat that is covered with a vapour permeable cover and a non-slip base. The mat can be easily folded away, using the supplied securing strap and handle for transportation or storage. Can be easily wiped clean. Length 1700mm (67˝). Width 650mm (25 1/2˝). When folded length 566mm (22˝). ...Read More
Bronchosan Pine Cough Syrup
Bronchosan Pine Cough Syrup Bronchosan Pine Cough Syrup to ease your cough Cough syrup for dry, tickly, irritating coughs Bronchosan Pine Cough Syrup is made from freshly harvested pine (spruce) shoots Cough syrups help to ease the irritation in the respiratory tract. They are sometimes required after a cold or flu, or following other infections of the respiratory tract. Conventional cough syrups may contain ingredients that may cause drowsiness – and this is the reason why some people prefer to use a cough syrup containing herbal or natural ingredients which are...Read More