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Adjustable Height Comfort Commode
Adjustable Height Comfort Commode Modern, attractive commode that offers comfort and stability within any home or institutional environment. The padded blue seat cover and clip-on black toilet seat are easily removed for cleaning. The deluxe version has a padded blue toilet seat that provides the option of additional comfort.   The commode pan with handle is simple to remove for waste disposal. The height adjustment allows the commode to be tailored to the required position for the user. Available with or without removable armrests.   Available options: ...Read More
Walking Zimmer Frame for Hire
Walking Zimmer Frame for Hire If you woud  like to rent/hire this Walking Zimmer Frame for longer than 1 month, please contact us on  0141 887 5975 for a better deal. This lightweight and supportive Adjustable Height Walking Frame has a narrow aluminium frame to make it perfectly suited for use around the home, where space is often restricted. Available in three sizes: small, medium and large to suit every individual. Narrow width Made from lightweight anodised aluminium Wide range of sizes available to suit various dwellin...Read More
Dominic CosyFeet Shoes
Dominic CosyFeet Shoes This stretchy, lightweight shoe won’t put pressure on painful feet. Put on a pair of Dominic and you'll think they've been 'made to measure.' The wonderfully, stretchy Elastane uppers mould themselves to any foot shape, without putting pressure on painful toes, joints or swelling. And there's no need for adjustment if your feet change shape during the day. ...Read More
Versa Form Plus Positioning Blue Pillows
Versa Form Plus Positioning Blue Pillows The Versa Form Plus offers all the advantages of the Versa Form in a more durable package. The high grade vinyl used in the Versa Form Plus allows it to retain its shape for up to three times longer than the standard Versa Form. It is also even easier to clean.    Available in 5 sizes: 410×510mm (16×20?) 560×305mm (22×12?) 560×660mm (22×26?) 560×860mm (22×34?) 810×1015mm (32×40?) - Half Mattress ...Read More