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Lars Dual Motor Rise and Recliner Chair
Lars Dual Motor Rise and Recliner Chair“The New Lars Rise and Recliner is one of the first in the Restwell range of chairs to offer high quality leather and bring a new contemporary style to the range. It truly is one of the softest, most comfortable recliner chairs we have ever had in the Restwell range.”  Distinct lift, rest and recline action Smooth and quiet operation Supreme comfort snooze position Stylish design to add to any decor Craftsman upholstered Simple to operate two button handset Soft and comfortable design...Read More
Non Slip Coaster Set
Non Slip Coaster SetA set of highly durable silver coasters designed to keep mugs and glasses in place. They fit beneath a standard sized mug or tumbler, providing a non-slip base on any dry surface. Coasters can also be used beneath fragile ornaments and vases for a secure surface. Each coaster measures 76×76mm (3×3˝). Supplied as a set of 4.  ...Read More
Hearing Amplifier
Hearing AmplifierThis hearing booster is a major breakthrough in sound interception and amplification. It allows the user to hear the quietest of sounds indoor or our making it ideal for listening to the TV or radio....Read More
Eco-Flex Rise and Recliner Chair
Eco-Flex Rise and Recliner Chair‘Designed for tomorrow and manufactured today’ Recliners designed the Eco-Flex chair to meet today’s economic and environmental concerns of the local authorities and the healthcare industry. Through our Design and Development Department the Eco-Flex chair was introduced to have a high degree of monetary saving over a medium to long term period by reducing the need to purchase a wide range of di?erent dimensional chairs.   The Eco-Flex has the ability to o?er a chair that can o?er total ?exible dimensional movement, both in height and de...Read More