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Royal Rest Pillow
Royal Rest Pillow Royal Rest pillows stay cool and fresh throughout the night. The material is cut, rather than moulded, therefore, the cells in the foam remain open. Air circulation is maximised thereby reducing the discomfort of sweating. The pillow cover is made of 100% cotton helping people with sensitive skins to enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep. Size 500×380mm (19 3/4×15˝)....Read More
Richard CosyFeet Slippers
Richard CosyFeet Slippers Snug, seam-free comfort Richard does the job of an extra roomy slipper perfectly. Wide and deep with easy entry, it's accommodating and adjustable. ...Read More
Etac Light Cutlery with Thick Handles
Etac Light Cutlery with Thick HandlesThese stainless steel utensils have an ergonomically designed ABS plastic handle and are intended for people with joint problems such as arthritis. The thick, light handles are easy to grip making the cutlery kind to the joints and relieve the strain on the fingers.   The knife has a sharp curved blade to aid with cutting and the spoon has a deep bowl to reduce spillage....Read More
Ergonomic Handle Crutches for Hire
Ergonomic Handle Crutches for Hire The ergonomic handle has been designed and developed in conjunction with physiotherapists and healthcare professionals. The unique handle distributes pressure over a greater area of the user's hand improving comfort and safety. Max User Weight....160Kgs(25st) Handle to Armband....19cm(7.5 inches) - 27cm(10.5 inches) Handle to Ground....69cm(27 inches) - 94cm(37 inches) ...Read More