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Rowan Leather CosyFeet Slippers
Rowan Leather CosyFeet Slippers A unisex slipper-shoe for exceptionally swollen or bandaged feet Designed for exceptional swelling or heavy bandaging, Rowan is ideal when nothing else fits. Supple as a slipper but supportive as a shoe, it's surprisingly neat on the foot. It's very adjustable with an extra low opening so it's easy to put on and has super-light soles so you'll hardly know you're wearing them. ...Read More
Stress Relief Daytime
Stress Relief DaytimeNatural herbal based remedy for mild anxiety and stress relief A.Vogel's Stress Relief Daytime is a herbal remedy containing extracts of freshly harvested, organically grown Valerian and Hops. Benefits and features of A.Vogel Stress Relief Daytime: Herbal remedy for mild anxiety Herbal stress relief Made from natural herbs Contains extracts (tinctures) of fresh valerian root and hops Use Stress Relief Daytime to help you cope wit...Read More
Dycem Bottle Opener
Dycem Bottle OpenerPlace this handy sized bottle opener on top of stubborn bottle tops and twist to open. The non-slip Dycem properties also provide a vice like grip to ensure a good seal when closing bottles. Available in Silver and Yellow  ...Read More
Provale Cup
Provale Cup Created to preserve the dignity of those who suffer from dysphagia or disorders associated with difficulty swallowing. The Provale Cup can be filled at the beginning of the meal and the diner can drink at will, on their own.   The cup delivers a measured amount of liquid (5ml or 10ml) to the drinker to prevent choking. The cup also allows cleanup to be limited to one piece of dinnerware rather than the several parts of other feeders. Optional one or two easy-grip handle or no handle design. 5ml Dispenser Blue ...Read More