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Sitback Back Rest
Sitback Back Rest Sitback Rest The side-support wings on the Sitback Rest, provides the user with a feeling as if the support is designed just for their body. Promotes proper posture in any chair while providing firm support and comfort for your lower back.   Use the Sitback Rest at home, in the office or in the car. Size 330×355mm (13 1/4×14˝). SUP842G Grey SUP842N Navy ...Read More
Three Wheeled Tri-Wheel Rollator for Hire
Three Wheeled Tri-Wheel Rollator for Hire The Three-Wheeled Rollator from Homecraft is extremely durable making it ideal for everyday use. Excellent value for money, it features either easy to operate loop brakes, which provide secure stopping and lock into place for security, or pressure brakes.   Height adjustable handles ensure the correct position for the user. It folds easily for transportation and storage and will remain upright when in the folded position. The rollator comes complete with a handy zippered carry bag and large basket with tray. The bag can be left in place when the rollator is f...Read More
Etac Swift Mobile Tilt Commode
Etac Swift Mobile Tilt CommodeThe Swift Mobile Tilt has a comfortable seat that is both angle and height adjustable. The seat has the same features as the Swift Mobile and includes heel straps as standard to prevent the feet from slipping backwards.   The tilt function is easily controlled by a metal bar that runs the full width of the chair, enabling the carer to stand to the side of the chair when adjusting the seat angle. This enables the carer and the user to maintain eye contact for better communication. Supplied with adjustable headrest.    Swift Mob...Read More
White Line Shower Chair
White Line Shower ChairWhite Line Shower Stool with Armrest and Backrest feature is part of the extensive Bathing & Showering range from Patterson Medical. This White Line Shower Stool with Armrest and Backrest is a height adjustable, aluminium shower stool with a cut out seat to enable easier personal cleansing.   The backrest and armrest features allows for extra support when raising and lowering. This White Line Shower Stool is part of a range of White Line Shower Stools with various fixtures and designs.   Supplied flat packed with tool...Read More