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Deluxe Bathtub Safety Grab Rail
Deluxe Bathtub Safety Grab RailProviding a firm handle at the bath side, this rail helps give confidence and stability when getting in and out of the bath. The coated steel rail is fixed to the side of the bath by a stainless steel clamp, cushioned on the inside by rubber pads. Length 495mm (19 ½?) Height above bath side 375mm (14 ¾?) Clamp width adjustment 76 to 178mm (3 to 7?) Weight 2.5kg ...Read More
Robert CosyFeet Slippers
Robert CosyFeet Slippers This soft, adjustable bootee keeps ankles and feet comfy and warm Wrap-around comfort Keep feet cosy with the original extra roomy ...Read More
One Way Drinking Straws
One Way Drinking StrawsThese straws have one-way valves which stay filled with fluid, even after removing the straw from a user’s lips. This feature eliminates the possibility of sucking in too much air while drinking. The clip-on straw hooks onto the side of a glass or cup to prevent the straw from falling out. Each package includes one 254mm (10˝) and one 178mm (7˝) straw.  ...Read More
Mini-Standy Vertical Standing Frame
Mini-Standy Vertical Standing Frame This vertical standing frame helps the child to achieve a posturally correct and safe position. The frame is attached to a support surface allowing the child to interact and participate actively with their physical and social environment. The Mini-Standy can be used in a range of settings such as the home, school or clinic. A range of accessories are available to offer additional support to the child.   The standing frame includes pelvic and chest support, knee pads, table and heel rest. Smooth contoured frame to allow trunk rotation and s...Read More