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High Visibility Suitcase Ramp
High Visibility Suitcase RampConstructed from heavy gauge aluminium to ensure they are lightweight, these ramps have been powder coated in high visibility yellow paint and have a coarse non-slip coating for enhanced safety.   Convenient to use and store for both the home market and business user alike, they have handles built in for easy carrying. The raised outer edge helps to prevent wheelchairs or scooters from coming off the ramp. Platform width 750mm (29½ inches) External width 460mm (30 inches) Maximum load 350 kg 55 st &n...Read More
Koryl CosyFeet Shoe
Koryl CosyFeet Shoe A flatteringly, feminine shoe that looks good on any occasion. A flatteringly feminine shoe that's much roomier than it looks. The beautiful apache fabric combined with the smooth, grained leather strap and pretty button detail brings a touch of glamour to every outfit. ...Read More
One Handed Electric Tin Opener
One Handed Electric Tin OpenerA powerful yet simple tin opener designed to be safe and comfortable to use. It features a magnetic holder that secures it to the lid of the tin when opening and an ergonomically shaped handle making it easy to use. The tin opener is mains operated to give extra power and efficiency with a simple to use on and off switch on the handle, which allows it to be operated using one hand.   The cutting lever, magnetic holder and blade are all removable to allow easy cleaning. Measures 100×850×220mm (8 3/4×3 1/2×4˝). W...Read More
Button Hook with Built-Up Handle
Button Hook with Built-Up Handle Ideal for people who lack fine motor co-ordination or have use of only one hand, this button hook has a large, built up handle for improved grip. Length 215mm (8 1/2˝). Handle width 38mm (1 1/2˝). Weight 110g. ...Read More