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Wheelchair Electric Twin Power Pack
Wheelchair Electric Twin Power PackThe Twin dual wheelchair powerpack from Roma Medical takes the strain out of pushing a heavy wheelchair and makes easy work of hills, ramps and uneven surfaces. It comes as standard with twin wheels providing greater traction and variable speed settings allowing the attendant to control the speed, it also has reverse which provides greater manoeuvrability and is suitable for users up to 21 stone. Simple to fit and will fit most wheelchairs.  Dismantles easily for transportation and storage plus it also has a removable battery pack for remote charging an...Read More
Jettmobile Paediatric Scooter
Jettmobile Paediatric Scooter All children are inquisitive about their environments and wish to explore. Tumble Forms 2® mobility products allow children to move around by themselves to safely explore their environment. The Jettmobile scooter allows children to safely explore their immediate environment and maintains the user in a symmetrical prone position whilst allowing them to push and pull with their arms. Neck, shoulder and arm muscle coordination is developed. Developing upper extremities as it encourages motor coordination and improves strength Developing head and trun...Read More
Copper Bracelet
Copper BraceletEnjoy natural relief from aches and pains with copper Get relief from rheumatism, arthritis and other aches & pains Copper is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. However, our body cannot produce copper itself and modern processes have largely removed it from our food. Sabona uses the purest, high quality copper and there’s increasing evidence that has anti-inflammatory properties.  Why you’ll love the Copper Bracelet... Can help relieve rheumatism, arthritis and other aches and pains...Read More
Mobie Mobility Scooter
Mobie Mobility Scooter The Smallest,  Lightest, Quickest Assembled Compact Scooter on the Market. What’s so good about the Mobie Scooter?   **FREE Off Board Charger **FREE Spare Battery   It’s about Freedom Freedom to buy the car you want.  Freedom to travel where you want Freedom to travel with who you want Freedom to go on holiday: By Plain, By Train, By Bus, By Coach o...Read More