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CareBag Commode Liner
CareBag Commode Liner Designed to avoid the commode soiling, the CareBag hygienic liner for commodes provides maximum safety conditions for both the user and the carer, be it at home, in health institutions or whilst travelling. Absorbs 500ml of organic liquids or several litres of demineralised water.  ...Read More
Cup with Temperature Controlled Lid
Cup with Temperature Controlled Lid This version of the Sure Grip Mug above has a lid that changes colour when the contents are hotter than body temperature. If liquids hotter than 37 1/2°C (96°F) are put into the beaker the lid will change colour from blue to pink, alerting the user to be careful when drinking. The lid is safe and easy to use and can also be used with a straw. Do not leave lid in direct sunlight.  ...Read More
Millie CosyFeet Slippers
Millie CosyFeet Slippers This pretty cotton-lined slipper works equally well as a sandal  Pretty and practical This pretty slipper works equally...Read More
Deluxe Wheelchair Jacket
Deluxe Wheelchair Jacket An elegant and comfortable outdoor jacket for wheelchair users. Breathable fabric allows moisture to evaporate, ensuring the wearer remains dry and comfortable at all times. The front of the jacket is cut short to ensure that it doesn't bunch up when sitting and to keep it looking smart. A fold-away hood is stored in the collar and there is a cosy cotton lining for warmth.   The sleeves are reinforced on the insides to prevent damage from self propelling. Large, well-placed pockets offer plenty of practical storage for personal possessions....Read More