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Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Seat
Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Seat The Carrie Seat is an extremely versatile seat that solves the positioning problems of day to day living. It has unique moulded contours that provide superior positioning compared to seats with upholstered pads. The anti-thrust seat shape helps maintain the proper pelvic position. Available in four sizes, with or without a tray and footrest (which are also available separately). It fits into most standard chairs in the home, at school or in a clinical setting. Shock absorbing foam Seamless Tumble Forms 2 coating, impervious to fluid and easy to clean...Read More
Homecraft Shampoo Basin
Homecraft Shampoo BasinSimple, sturdy PVC shampoo basin that easily inflates by mouth or pump. Ideal for bed use, it is easily and conveniently drained with a one-way hose. Length 660mm (26?) Width 610mm (24?) Depth 150mm (6?) Weight 725g.  ...Read More
Sherwood Perching Stool-Chair
Sherwood Perching Stool-ChairThese sturdy, stable stools have luxury padded seats for comfort and support. The frames are lower at the front to allow the seat to slope.  Seat size 355×295mm (14×11 1/2˝). Width between arms 415mm (16 1/4˝). Maximum user weight 24 st 153 kg  The legs are widely spaced for stability, and have large rubber feet to prevent slipping and spread the weight load.   Fixed Height ...Read More
Patterson Medical Magnet Fall Alarm
Patterson Medical Magnet Fall Alarm This simple alarm is easy to operate, allows a quick response and is reliable and economical too. It is designed to be used on chairs with the cord attached to patient’s clothes so that the alarm is activated when the cord is pulled as a result of the patient starting to stand.   The pull string has a 25mm (1˝) diameter magnet on one end and a spring-loaded metal clip on the other. The alarm triggers and the red light illuminates when the magnet is pulled away from the alarm. A spring-loaded clip is included on the unit for easy attachment to a wheelch...Read More