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Easy-Hold Utensils
Easy-Hold UtensilsThe handle design of this cutlery makes gripping it as effortless as could be. The blade of the knife will cut in both slicing and rocking motions. The offset spoons and sporks are ideal for those with decreased upper extremity control. Dishwasher safe up to 80°C (180°F). ...Read More
Days Extra High Chrome Bed Rails for Divan Beds
Days Extra High Chrome Bed Rails for Divan Beds To accommodate users who have an extra high mattress or a pressure relief mattress on the standard mattress. Extends to required length to fit various sized beds Spring loaded buttons on clamps Cross braces fit under mattress  Chrome plated steel rails Adjustable cross braces Telescopic rails Four rails Hard-wearing With clamps Easy to adjust  Rails are very secure Satisfies medical device requ...Read More
Surfer Bather Child's Bath Lift
Surfer Bather Child's Bath Lift The Surfer Bather is a powered bath lift that is designed to aid the bathing of children. It is particularly suitable for children with limited upper body stability. The child is raised and lowered from the top level of a bath down into the water.   This minimises moving and handling risks among carers of larger and heavier children. The Surfer Bather is operated by low air pressure providing a steady, gentle and stable ride. An adjustable backrest can be set to suit the user. The child can be positioned safely and comfortably by using protective strapping an...Read More
Taunton Raised Toilet Seat
Taunton Raised Toilet SeatThis Homecraft seat is gently contoured for comfort. The aperture is elongated compared to most seats and has a front cut-away for personal hygiene. The seat slopes slightly forward to assist with lowering and raising, and sits on moulded bumpers for stability. The seat is fully sealed and easy to clean Three plastic moulded brackets allow external adjustment to fit most toilets Aperture 310×220mm (12 ½×8 ½?) Maximum user weight 24 st 152 kg ...Read More