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Ringwood Grab Rails - White Epoxy
Ringwood Grab Rails - White EpoxyThis range is made in larger diameter steel tubing for greater comfort and easier grip. Available in either epoxy or chrome finish.   Made from 32mm (1¼ inches) diameter steel tube....Read More
4 in 1 Perching Stool
4 in 1 Perching Stool This versatile perching stool can be used as 4 different types: seat only seat and arms seat back and arms seat and back   The frame is a powder coated steel and the seat is padded.The product is flat packed and only requires minor assembly.   Seat height adjustable 550-700mm (21 -27 ") Footprint (at lo...Read More
Home Safety Alert System
Home Safety Alert SystemA wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver unit and two pendant calling transmitters. Call button and Panic button on each pendant. The main unit receives and recognises who is calling and the urgency using different sound and coloured light signals. A quick reset button on the main unit can cancel the call or alarm....Read More
IntimateRider Seat Cushion from Liberator
IntimateRider Seat Cushion from Liberator This Liberator seat cushion was especially designed for your bottom on the IntimateRider. The Liberator Seat cushion will cradle your body for optimum comfort and support.   Liberator Fabric: Soft and sensuous micro-fiber fabric covers   Champaqne Foam: Soft foam core is designed to support your body in motion   Waterproof: Smooth nylon layer underneath fabric   Machine Washable: C...Read More