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Night Essence
Night EssenceCombination flower remedy There are some nights when our thoughts are just whizzing round our heads and despite feeling overtired we just cannot sleep. Tension, anxiety, restlessness and feeling wound up all add to this problem. This combination of the flower essences of White Chestnut, Chamomile, Yarrow, Aspen, Walnut, Rock Rose, Agrimony, Bluebells, Morning Glory and Vervain helps one to restore their inner calm at night making the individual feel more relaxed, rested and untroubled. This combination can be safely used in children after an excitable ...Read More
Voyager Folding Commode Seat
Voyager Folding Commode Seat Manufactured from aluminium, this commode is lightweight, non-rusting and folds neatly for storage or transportation. It has a broad, comfortable plastic seat. The back of the frame forms a backrest when in use and a handle when folded. Seat height 450 to 573mm (17¾ to 22½?).  Backrest height 265mm (10½?) above seat Footprint at maximum height 520×530mm (20½×20¾?) Seat size 410×425mm (16×16¾?) Weight 4.8kg Maximum user wei...Read More
Rolyan Sensory Testing Shield
Rolyan Sensory Testing Shield A moulded plastic shield that incorporates many features to assure totally occluded vision and patient comfort during administration of a test. The moulded ridge holds the cards for stereognosis and other types of testing. The legs are removable for convenient storage. All of its parts can be cleaned with a disinfectant.  ...Read More
Savanah Slatted Bath Board Handle
Savanah Slatted Bath Board HandleFor ease of transfer and added user security, an optional handle is available for the Savanah slatted bath board or shower board. To improve grip on the handle, the moulding is covered with a comfortable, soft feel sleeve.   Fitting the handle may remove the need for a wall mounted grab rail in many circumstances. Weight 0.2kg.  ...Read More