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Tin Opener Ring Pull
Tin Opener Ring PullA plastic ring puller that provides excellent leverage and has a large broad surface for grip. The flat end fits easily under the tab to break the seal prior to levering the lid off with the hook end. Length 160mm (6 1/4˝). Weight 18g. ...Read More
Wheelchair Poncho
Wheelchair Poncho Ideal protection from unexpected showers, this waterproof Poncho has an easy-pull zip closure and drawstring hood. A practical cover for the top half of the body with extra length at the front for knee protection. Rear vents allow use of the wheelchair's pushing handles.   Available in: lined (AA8673) un-lined (AA8641) ...Read More
Sven Rise and Recliner Chair
Sven Rise and Recliner Chair“The New Sven Rise & Recliner is one of the first in the Restwell range of chairs to offer high quality leather and bring a new contemporary style to the range. The Sven truly is one of the softest, most comfortable recliner chairs we have ever had in the Restwell range.”   Distinct lift, rest and recline action  Smooth and quiet operation  Supreme comfort snooze position  Stylish design to add to any decor  Craftsman upholstered  Simple to operate two button handset...Read More
Powerball Hand Exercisers
Powerball Hand ExercisersClassic: Loaded with a high performance 250Hz rotor....Read More