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Bath Shortener
Bath ShortenerDesigned to enable shorter people to bathe in safety and comfort. Rubber suckers are fitted to attach the Bath Shortener to the foot of the bath to prevent it slipping. Does not interfere with water filling or draining. Shortens the bath by approx 255mm (10?) Height 330mm (13?) Width 356mm (14?) Weight 1.8kg.  Maximum user weight 30 st 190 kg ...Read More
Twist And Seal Pad Disposal
Twist And Seal Pad Disposal Disposal of personal care products, such as incontinence pads or stoma care products can often be a problem. The Twist and Seal unit is a unique product designed to hygienically wrap, seal and conceal used personal care products simply and effectively, without odour or fuss. It is discreet and easy to use and fits neatly into the bathroom or bedroom. ...Read More
Nimbo Paediatrics Posture Walker
Nimbo Paediatrics Posture WalkerThis lightweight safety walker supports the user from behind to promote a more upright posture and trunk extension. A ratchet mechanism on the rear wheels prevents the walker from rolling backwards while soft rubber wheels adhere to a variety of surfaces and will not allow the walker to slide backwards. Aluminium Frame in bright colours. Height adjustable Soft rubber wheels adhere to any surface and will not allow the Nimbo to slide backwards One directional rear wheels with aluminium ratchet and pin mechanism Anti-Reverse override bracke...Read More
Chamomile Ointment
Chamomile OintmentChamomile & other herbs Chamomile ointment for dry, chapped skin Chamomile is often associated with its use in tea. However, extracts of chamomile have been used by herbalists in creams and ointments for many years to help soothe dry and chapped skin. Benefits and features of A.Vogel Chamomile ointment: For dry, chapped skin Contains chamomile, calendula, arnica, sage and other herbs Made from organically grown herbs Not tested on animals GMO free ...Read More