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Stationary Shower Chair
Stationary Shower Chair This comfortable Days shower chair features a supportive backrest and fixed armrests for additional safety when showering. Available as a height adjustable option that enables the user to adjust the seat to the preferred position. Holes in the seat enable speedy water drainage.   The plastic coated steel frame is finished with slip resistant rubber ferrules. Seat width 460mm (18?) Seat depth 390mm (15 ¼?) External width 530mm (20 ¾?) External depth 560mm (22?) Maximu...Read More
Kayleigh CosyFeet Shoe
Kayleigh CosyFeet Shoe Extra stretch for problem feet This neat-looking shoe has lots of stretch so it’s great at fitting bunions, misshapen feet and swelling, particularly across the top of the foot. It has an adjustable, smart leather strap and matching collar and is cushioned underfoot for extra comfort. Why you’ll love Kayleigh... Flexible fit thanks to the stretchy front, elasticised edge and adjustable, touch-fastening strap Supportive back to give you  better stability Soft, p...Read More
Louisa Rise and Recliner Chair
Louisa Rise and Recliner ChairThe Angela design proved to be so popular that we complimented it with the Louisa. The Louisa design boasts a chaise-seat for extra support. This design is available as a power operated recliner, mono riser-recliner or a dual riser-recliner. The Louisa design is available with a heated lumbar and massage system as an optional extra.   Quality guaranteed A classical design, with Queen Anne legs and wooden knuckles allowing a firm grip when rising. Heated lumbar and massage systems are available on recliners and riser recliners as an optional extra. Enquir...Read More
Golden Rod & Knotgrass Tea - cleanse, detox & refresh
Golden Rod & Knotgrass Tea -  cleanse, detox & refreshGolden Rod & Knotgrass Tea Cleansing herb tea blend This herbal tea contains Golden Rod (Solidago) a herb in a group of about 100 flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. Golden Rods are mainly perennial and native to North America. They were brought into Europe and other parts of the world in the 18th Century and today, are commonly found in meadows, fields and ditches. Benefits and features of A.Vogel Golden Rod Herbal Tea: Cleansing, detoxing, refreshing             &n...Read More