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Knork Knife Fork Combination
Knork Knife Fork CombinationThe Knork™ is a stylish fork with wide, rounded and bevelled outer tines that will safely cut food like a knife, without a sharp edge to cut the mouth of the user. It slices through food with a rocking motion which is facilitated by a finger platform on both sides of the handle. As it is symmetrical it can be used by both left and right handed users. ...Read More
Special Tomato Portable Potty Seat
Special Tomato Portable Potty Seat The Special TomatoTM Portable Potty Seat is designed to provide a comfortable, hygienic toileting solution in the home, at school or out and about. It fits easily into standard toilet seats, with or without the addition of the optional splash guard. The potty seat is made from the unique Soft-TouchTM material which is seamless and latexfree and makes the product peel and tear resistant and able to withstand cracking. Most importantly, the material is impermeable to fluids making the Potty Seat easy to clean and hygienic. It can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap. ...Read More
Etac Cloo Height Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat
Etac Cloo Height Adjustable Raised Toilet SeatThe Cloo toilet seat riser can be adjusted to give the user a seat height of 60, 100 or 140mm (2 ¼, 4 or 5 ½?). To achieve the highest position of 140mm (5 ½?), the extra height adjusters need to be purchased separately.   The seat can be lifted and left in the upright position for easier cleaning.  Seat width 400mm (15 ¾?) Total width 600mm (23 ½?) Width between armrests 490mm (19 ¼?) Height of armrests from the seat 210mm (8 ¼?) Optional Height Adj...Read More
Clyde Grater, Scraper and Spike
Clyde Grater, Scraper and SpikeThe white epoxy coated steel frame has a grating unit fitted to it with a plated metal mesh blade, for peeling or grating. The top section is easily detached for cleaning. A stainless steel spike attachment is included for holding vegetables while peeling them with a manual peeler. Measures 200×230×70mm. Weight 534g. ...Read More