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Etac Socky Support and Compression Stocking Aid
Etac Socky Support and Compression Stocking Aid This stocking aid is designed for putting on support stockings of various lengths and types. The large handles make it easier for others to assist the user in application. It can also be used with only one hand. Length 1m (40˝). Width 200mm (8˝). Weight 90g.  ...Read More
Days Casaflex Folding Safety Mat Mattress
Days Casaflex Folding Safety Mat Mattress The Casaflex safety floor mats have been designed to provide added security in combination with the Casabeds. There are two versions available, one flat and one space conserving mat. These safety mats are commonly used with our low beds with a height range of 230mm. The safety mat itself has a height of 76mm.   If our low beds are used in conjunction with our CasaFlex mattress CS5 (130mm high), the distance between the top of the mattress to the top of the safety mat without compression is 284mm....Read More
Ergonomic Handle Grip Crutches
Ergonomic Handle Grip Crutches The ergonomic handle has been designed and developed in conjunction with physiotherapists and healthcare professionals. The unique handle distributes pressure over a greater area of the user's hand improving comfort and safety.   This double adjustable crutches, allow the user to adjust the distance between the hand grip and the ground and the elbow cuff and the handle.   Sold as pair Made from lightweight aluminium Double Adjustable height, elbow to hand, and hand to ground ...Read More
Stand Easy Assistance Standing Frame
Stand Easy Assistance Standing Frame Ideal for anyone who needs that extra help getting from a seated to a standing position. This sturdy standing frame offers a secure solution to those who require assistance when getting in or out of a chair, wheelchair, bed or even car. The frame features a dual handle option which allows users to adopt either a push or a pull motion when raising or lowering and allows freedom to walk forward without obstruction. Internal width 500 to 700mm (193/4˝ to 271/2˝). External width 530 to 730mm (21 to 283/4˝). Lower handles 620 to 800mm (241/2 to 311/2˝). Upper handles 820 to 1000mm (321/...Read More