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Dycem Bottle Opener
Dycem Bottle OpenerPlace this handy sized bottle opener on top of stubborn bottle tops and twist to open. The non-slip Dycem properties also provide a vice like grip to ensure a good seal when closing bottles. Available in Silver and Yellow  ...Read More
Langham Linked Chair Raiser
Langham Linked Chair Raiser A set of four moulded blocks, linked together by slotted wooden straps for added security. The system is clamped in position with two wing nuts and the height is adjusted by inserting the blocks supplied. Height raise 75, 95 or 114mm (3, 3 3/4 or 4 1/2˝). Maximum width of leg 70mm (2 3/4˝) diameter. Overall width adjustment 432×330mm (17×13˝). Weight 2.5kg. Maximum load weight 78 st 500 kg ...Read More
Children's Mobility Scooter Board
Children's Mobility Scooter Board This child-friendly Scooter Board is covered in Tumble Forms 2 coating and helps develop children’s neuromotor control as they propel themselves in any direction. It has two handles for the child to hold and the covering is washable and waterproof.   Treatment Tip Position the child prone on the scooter board. Have the child hold onto a rope or strap that is pulled along by the therapist to promote head and trunk extension....Read More
Mercury Neo 8 Mobility Scooter
Mercury Neo 8 Mobility Scooter The Neo 8 scooter is an excellent addition to the Mercury range of scooters. It includes a whole host of excellent features that are a direct result of suggestions made from our customers. This stylish new scooter is available in Red, Blue or Champagne.   The Neo 8 carries the Mercury brand, this ensures a focus on Comfort, Style, Performance and Reliability. 8 mph max speed Lights front and rear Front suspension Robust bumpers front and rear Delta bar King Admiral ...Read More