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Comfort Grip Crosshead Tap Turner
Comfort Grip Crosshead Tap TurnerThese tap turners have a soft overmoulded handle for improved comfort and grip. They are designed to fit over cross head taps and are supplied as a red and blue pair....Read More
SafePresence Status Monitoring System
SafePresence Status Monitoring System The SafePresence Status Monitoring System can be used to sound an alarm immediately when someone at risk of falling leaves a bed or chair. It can be set to allow someone to leave a bed or chair and remain away for up to an hour before an alarm is sounded.   When used with the extended delay options, the person being monitored can use the toilet at night for example without the alarm being activated unless the person is away longer than the allowed time as the monitor will reset automatically upon return to the bed or chair. The monitor pro...Read More
Heavy Duty Easyleaver
Heavy Duty Easyleaver Similar to the EasyLeaver above, but bigger and thicker gauge metal giving an increased weight limit for the larger user. Supplied with fixing straps for extra security. Width 440mm (17˝). Length 780mm (31˝). Handle height 470mm (18 1/2˝). Weight 4.3kg. Maximum user weight 25 st 160 kg ...Read More
Commode Pressure Relief Cushion
Commode Pressure Relief Cushion Commode Cushion Clinically proven commode cushion that provides better pressure relief and distribution than visco-elastic and some leading air cushions.   Washable at 40°C, the cushion can be used on its own or with an optional autoclavable cover as illustrated. Size 500×500×100mm (20×20×4?) Weight 600g Maximum user weight 14 st 90 kg ...Read More