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IntimateRider THE ORIGINAL, revolutionary IntimateRider has been helping couples overcome physical challenges & disabilities for years! The IntimateRider's patented technology allows you to achieve a broader range of motion with minimal effort, allowing you and your partner to unleash your intimacy in a way that was not possible before - the way you deserve! It's comfortable, easy to use, stores discreetly away and there's no right or wrong way to use it. It's entirely up to you!   What is the IntimateRider?: The IntimateRider i...Read More
SafePresence Bed Sensor Pad
SafePresence Bed Sensor Pad The bed sensor is a thin flexible sensor pad used with the SafePresence Status Monitor and Audio Attendant, placed on top of the mattress and under the mattress cover without any discomfort to the person. The bed sensor detects the weight of the person being monitored and activates the monitor when the person leaves the bed. The robust sensor pad features antibacterial properties. Length 840mm (33 1/2˝). Width 500mm (20˝). ...Read More
Rolyan Flip Away Half Lap Tray
Rolyan Flip Away Half Lap Tray Designed for active functional lifestyles these trays lift up and out of the way during transfers or for wheelchair storage. Can be fastened to either a full length or desk style upholstered wheelchair arm. Measures 330×530mm (13×21˝) with a moulded rim and recessed area for a cup or glass. Translucent scratch resistant plastic allows user to view lower extremities for safety. Weight 2kg. ...Read More
Star Shopping Trolley
Star Shopping TrolleyThis compact stable four wheeled shopper provides excellent value for money. The large 160mm (6 ¼?) wheels promote easier, smoother running. The handle is adjustable in height from 900 to 1020mm (35 ½ to 40?) and the bag has a capacity of 50 litres. Weight 4.8kg Bag measurement 50×33×33cm Navy ...Read More