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Mobie Mobility Scooter
Mobie Mobility Scooter The Smallest,  Lightest, Quickest Assembled Compact Scooter on the Market. What’s so good about the Mobie Scooter?   **FREE Off Board Charger **FREE Spare Battery   It’s about Freedom Freedom to buy the car you want.  Freedom to travel where you want Freedom to travel with who you want Freedom to go on holiday: By Plain, By Train, By Bus, By Coach o...Read More
StairAid StairAID is a mobility system which has been invented, developed and manufactured in the UK (Cornwall) specifically to simply help people climb the stairs in their very own homes.   Please note: Installation is only available for customers located within the 40 mile radius from any of our branches.   It's particular advantages for those who wish to remain...Read More
Devon MKII Folding Support Rail
Devon MKII Folding Support Rail A deluxe Homecraft version of the Devon rail above with a larger diameter rail for easier gripping, and a spring mechanism to hold it in the up position. Optional toilet roll holder available Rail is 32mm (1 ¼?) diameter Maximum load weight 13¼ st 84 kg    See also: Devon Toilet Roll Holder...Read More
Stocking Aid Puller
Stocking Aid PullerA simple, inexpensive device to assist with putting on a stocking or sock especially if bending and reaching to the foot is difficult. It consists of a strong, shaped, flexible plastic gutter with long cotton tapes attached to the top. The stocking or sock is fed on to the plastic and held in place with the side notches. The foot is put in the open end of the stocking, which is then pulled over the foot and up the leg using the tapes.  Available in Standard and Side slot Cord length 920mm (36˝). Gutter length 229mm (9˝). ...Read More