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Malcolm CosyFeet Sandals
Malcolm CosyFeet Sandals An exceptionally lightweight, traditional-looking leather sandal.  Classic cool comfort Exceptionally lightweight, this traditional sandal offers cooling comfort on those warmer days. Why you'll love Malcolm ... Very lightweight. Fully adjustable touch-fastenings. Closed heel for support. Aertex® lined for freshness. Strap exte...Read More
Bariatric Patient Dinner Chair
Bariatric Patient Dinner Chair This chair has been designed to be individually adjusted to provide comfortable seating. The backrest can be adjusted +/- 60mm (+/- 2½˝) and the tubing is bent to provide maximum comfort. The chair is height adjustable from 420 to 550mm (16½ to 21¾˝). The armrests are constructed so that they go beyond the seat. This makes it easier to get a good grip when sitting down and getting up.   They also bend outwards for a better grip and so that the user’s body does not get squeezed getting in to and out of the chair. ...Read More
Orthopaedic Wizard Pillow
Orthopaedic Wizard PillowQuality pillow specially shaped for cervical support, and contoured central area for various sleeping positions. Size 380 x 610mm (15 x 24 inches) Weight 1.1kg ...Read More
Buffer Pads for Home Bed Rails
Buffer Pads for Home Bed Rails Polycore pads that fit the length of the bed rails Makes a barrier between user and bed rails Suitable for use with 8, 8L or 8M Home Bed Rails Tested to BS 7175:1989 Helps to prevent injury Washable User comfort Hygienic Safe Length 203cm (80˝) Width 33cm (13˝)  ...Read More