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Hop CosyFeet Sandals
Hop CosyFeet Sandals Stretches to fit bunions, misshapen feet and swelling. These super-soft sandals are brilliant at fitting bunions, misshapen feet and swelling across the joints.  The stretchy Elastane panel moulds itself to your foot shape giving you ‘made to measure’ comfort that lasts all day. Why you'll love Hop... Soft, stretchy Elastane panels give a ‘made to measure’ feel Completely opens up, so it’s easy to get on and off a swollen foot Double touch-...Read More
Home Safety Alert
Home Safety Alert A wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver unit and two pendant calling transmitters. Call button and Panic button on each pendant. The main unit receives and recognises who is calling and the urgency using different sound and coloured light signals. A quick reset button on the main unit can cancel the call or alarm.   Each transmitter uses 1 x 23A 12v battery (included) and the receiver unit is powered by a 6v adaptor (included) or 4 x AA batteries (not included)....Read More
Penguin Paediatric Bath Seat
Penguin Paediatric Bath Seat A lying chair for bathing and play. It provides safe support in a relaxed position but also allows great freedom of movement. Primarily intended for bathing and nursing children but is also suitable for play. Includes an adjustable abduction block and sucking discs, which make the Penguin stable on a smooth surface.   The Penguin can be used in the Orca bath tub, as well as being suitable for use in standard baths. Height 260mm Length 800mm Width 330mm Spare Sucker Feet Maximum us...Read More
Marsden Professional Chair Scale with BMI
Marsden Professional Chair Scale with BMIThis chair scale is light and easy to move on four castors, two of which are braked. Hinged, foldaway armrests make patient transfer easier and integral footrests make it more comfortable for the user. The chair is capable of measuring both weight and body mass index, and has a hold of weight function. The seat is hygienic and easy to clean. Power is supplied via mains electricity or a rechargeable battery.   Capacity is 230kg (36st) in 100g (1/4lb) increments, with an automatic 35kg (5 1/2st) fine weight range with increments of 50g (1/8lb).   ...Read More