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Dycem Non-Slip Floor Mat
Dycem Non-Slip Floor Mat The Dycem Non-Slip Floor Mat has been designed to provide a stable, non-slip base for a patient when they are being transferred in any situation where the floor surface is slippery or potentially unsafe. Length 600mm (23 1/2˝). Width 450mm (18˝). Weight 943g. Available in Blue and Grey ...Read More
Homecraft Toilet Safety Frame
Homecraft Toilet Safety Frame This aluminium frame is secured to the toilet by the existing seat. The legs are height adjustable to suit a number of toilets. Mouldings on the arms provide a secure handgrip and broad area for resting arms whilst on the toilet. May be combined with a raised toilet seat provided the existing seat is left in place. Legs and arms may be easily removed when not required. Height of arms 640 to 750mm (25 to 29 ½?) Width between legs 400 to 550mm (16 to 22?) Width between arms 387 to 537mm (15 ½ to 21 ½?)...Read More
Adjustable Wide Based Quadruped Walking Stick
Adjustable Wide Based Quadruped Walking Stick This wide based walking stick is ideal for those who have difficulty in walking, this adjustable quadruped walking stick has a broad base offering maximum stability.   The grey handle is moulded for comfort, and the aluminium stick has a non-slip rubber tipped ferrule.   Manufactured from lightweight Aluminium Quadruped base provides greater stability than single stick Angled neck reduces strain on wrists Chrome plated steel base Adjustable height No...Read More
Hands Free Hairdryer Stand
Hands Free Hairdryer Stand A convenient stand that holds the hairdryer steady for one handed styling or drying. The hairdryer nestles securely in a foam padded clamp on top of a flexible neck that can be adjusted to any angle from its tabletop base.   Useful for hemiplegics, arthritics and others with limited upper extremity range of motion, strength or co-ordination. This simple, but essential piece of equipment increases independence for user or carer....Read More