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Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Layer
Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Layer Minimises the time a therapist, teacher or aide needs to monitor the positioning of neurologically impaired children. While decreasing abnormal extension, it provides a supportive learning environment enabling the child to focus on activities in front of them.   Side positioning decreases abnormal extension, maintains shoulder protraction and allows the arms to be placed in midline position. Uses Include: Improved head control Improving forearm, hand function and hand-eye coordination Postural drain...Read More
Wall-Mounted Shower Seats
Wall-Mounted Shower SeatsThese wall mounted shower seats have a painted aluminium frame for durability. Both have a moulded plastic seat that clips on to the frame and the padded version has a generous moulded cellular cushion 300×400mm (11 ¾×15 ¾?). Seat width 460mm (18?) Seat depth 370mm (14 ½?) Depth from wall open 420mm (16 ½?) Depth from wall closed 100mm (4?) ...Read More
Alison CosyFeet Shoe
Alison CosyFeet Shoe A completely seam-free shoe! This beautifully soft, seam-free shoe is ideal if you have diabetes or very sensitive feet as there’s nothing to rub or irritate. The toe area is extra deep so it’s also great for problem toes while the three Velcro straps can be easily adjusted to accommodate swollen or misshapen feet. The leather is soft but resilient, ensuring a comfy and secure fit.  Why you’ll love Alison.... Seam-free lining is made from a sanitised material which allows feet to breathe ...Read More
Medeci Furniture Link Arms
Medeci Furniture Link ArmsThe Medeci furniture link arms are for use with the Medeci furniture raisers. The link arm system has been developed to enhance the versatility of the popular Medeci Furniture Raisers. Maximum load weight 78 st 500 kg    Manufactured from aluminium, the link arms are strong and lightweight with the added benefit of being able to be machine cleaned. The furniture raisers simply clip in, without the need for tools.   The standard unit is supplied in a chair formation but can be separated into linked pairs and u...Read More