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Closed Toe Compression Stocking Fitter
Closed Toe Compression Stocking Fitter  Stretch a stocking over the frame & slide it smoothly up your leg.  Putting on compression hose - the easy way! This simple and sturdy frame offers the solution to struggling with compression hose. It's very easy to use. Just stretch the stocking over the frame and slide it smoothly up your leg. Why you’ll love the Closed Toe Compression Stocking Fitter… Suitable for most kinds and lengths of stocking Simple and easy to use ...Read More
Bath Shortener
Bath ShortenerDesigned to enable shorter people to bathe in safety and comfort. Rubber suckers are fitted to attach the Bath Shortener to the foot of the bath to prevent it slipping. Does not interfere with water filling or draining. Shortens the bath by approx 255mm (10?) Height 330mm (13?) Width 356mm (14?) Weight 1.8kg.  Maximum user weight 30 st 190 kg ...Read More
Fibreglass Split Ramp
Fibreglass Split RampThis split broad ramp has been designed for ease of handling, to be quickly located and to be easily folded away for storage. It splits into two halves, which also fold in half across the middle.   They quickly fit together to provide a secure ramp for use with all types of wheelchairs and scooters. Made from glass reinforced plastic with an effective slip resistant coating.  Length 1830mm (72 inches) Maximum load 240 kg 37 ¾ st   Available in two widths. ...Read More
Lightweight Perching Shower Stool
Lightweight Perching Shower StoolThis perching stool weighs just 1.7kg making it extremely portable. The aluminium frame and moulded plastic seat ensure corrosion resistance and durability....Read More