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Hop CosyFeet Sandals
Hop CosyFeet Sandals Stretches to fit bunions, misshapen feet and swelling. These super-soft sandals are brilliant at fitting bunions, misshapen feet and swelling across the joints.  The stretchy Elastane panel moulds itself to your foot shape giving you ‘made to measure’ comfort that lasts all day. Why you'll love Hop... Soft, stretchy Elastane panels give a ‘made to measure’ feel Completely opens up, so it’s easy to get on and off a swollen foot Double touch-...Read More
Harley Designer Visco-Tex Mattress
Harley Designer Visco-Tex Mattress A base of 8cm high density polyurethane foam fused with a 7cm topping of geometrically profiled nodular visco elastic memory foam creates the pefect mattress to combat the problems associated with bed care and pressure relief. Nodular upper surface of temperature reactive memory foam allows the user's skin to remain cool as the air is allowed to circulate  Designed to alleviate pain and reduce the risk of damage to endangered areas of the body Suitable for both profiling and standard beds All mattresses are 15cm (6") deep...Read More
One Handed Electric Tin Opener
One Handed Electric Tin OpenerA powerful yet simple tin opener designed to be safe and comfortable to use. It features a magnetic holder that secures it to the lid of the tin when opening and an ergonomically shaped handle making it easy to use. The tin opener is mains operated to give extra power and efficiency with a simple to use on and off switch on the handle, which allows it to be operated using one hand.   The cutting lever, magnetic holder and blade are all removable to allow easy cleaning. Measures 100×850×220mm (8 3/4×3 1/2×4˝). W...Read More
Envelope Arm Sling
Envelope Arm SlingDesigned for easy application and adjustment with an extra deep pocket to improve arm positioning. The strap carries the weight of the arm across the back and shoulder for greater comfort. Supports forearm and wrist.  Measure length of forearm from elbow to knuckles:  Small: 28cm  Medium: 36cm  Large: 43cm  X-large: 51cm ...Read More