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Step It Lower Extremity Exerciser
Step It Lower Extremity ExerciserSimulate walking and activate the calf muscles in your lower leg to increase blood circulation....Read More
John Acrylic CosyFeet Slipper
John Acrylic CosyFeet Slipper This open toe slipper is great for problem toes or bandaged feet This open toe slipper is ideal for problem toes or bandaged feet. Very adjustable and very secure, it's easy to put on and has a quick and simple fastening. It's extremely lightweight and cushioned for extra comfort. ...Read More
Epsom Folding Walking Sticks
Epsom Folding Walking Sticks These sticks have a specially shaped plastic handle for extra comfort and grip. The tip of the handle has been shaped to be rested over the arm, leaving both hands free when shopping etc.   These sticks are available in three fixed heights and two adjustable heights All sticks are folding and are supplied retail packed Ferrule size 19mm (¾ inches) Weight 600g Maximum user weight 115 kg 18 st ...Read More
Soesi Elastic Laces
Soesi Elastic Laces These look like normal shoe laces with crimped ends, but are elasticated and effectively convert lace-up shoes into slip-on shoes, for those who have trouble reaching or tying shoe laces. AA4612C Length: 450mm (18˝) Weight: 14g Brown 3 pairs AA4612GW Length: 450mm (18˝)  Weight: 14g Black  3 pairs  AA4616C Length: 610mm (24˝) Weight: 10g ...Read More