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Personal Children's Work Table
Personal Children's Work Table Ideal for individual use where space is tight and work articles are not excessively heavy. The table has three lipped edges, is mobile with lockable castors and is adjustable in height. The table is available in two models, the standard version or the high version. Both models have a plain, flat surface with three edges being lipped. A tilt top variation is available for both models. (Tilt top angles to 30° and 45°)....Read More
Inflatable Neck Cushion
Inflatable Neck CushionA lightweight, easily inflated, crescent shaped cushion that sits around the neck to support the head whilst sitting. Finished in a suede feel PVC, it folds to pocket size and can be stored in the matching bag supplied. Ideal for use when travelling. Size 460×267mm (18×10 1/2˝). Weight 110g. ...Read More
Skip CosyFeet Sandals
Skip CosyFeet Sandals A dressy sandal that flatters swollen and misshapen feet. This is a gorgeous, dressy sandal that’s much roomier than it looks. The slim-line sole, nubuck panel and decorative stitching combine to give it a contemporary look that will go with anything you wear. Why you'll love Skip...  Completely opens up, so it’s easy to get on and off swollen feet Double touch-fastening provides a secure and adjustable fit Closed back with padded collar for additional suppo...Read More
Pressalit Nursing Shower Bench 3000
Pressalit Nursing Shower Bench 3000 This height adjustable nursing bench is designed to help with the safe moving and handling of children and adults while they are being changed or showered. The bench is slightly curved making it extremely comfortable and safe. The height adjustable bench can be adjusted from a suitable transfer height (300mm) to a safe caring height (1000mm) (note these heights are dependent upon fixing position). Bench supplied complete with safety rail Available in 1430mm and 1930mm Height adjustable or Fixed height options Maximum user...Read More