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Alisha CosyFeet
Alisha CosyFeet Give your outfit an elegant look with this dressy peep-toe shoe. Give your casual look an elegant lift or add the finishing touch to an evening outfit. This dressy peep-toe shoe will take you effortlessly from day to night. A definite holiday packing essential! ...Read More
Sitback Back Rest
Sitback Back Rest Sitback Rest The side-support wings on the Sitback Rest, provides the user with a feeling as if the support is designed just for their body. Promotes proper posture in any chair while providing firm support and comfort for your lower back.   Use the Sitback Rest at home, in the office or in the car. Size 330×355mm (13 1/4×14˝). SUP842G Grey SUP842N Navy ...Read More
Snoopy Child Arm Sling
Snoopy Child Arm Sling This Arm Sling provides a child’s arm or shoulder with the needed support for secure positioning. The Snoopy Arm Sling is a comfortable, polycotton envelope style sling that is completely washing machine safe. The 2.5cm wide shoulder strap has a hook and loop closure and slide for easy adjustment and a customised fit. Latex free.   Sizes: X-Small 13×26cm AA9224A  Small 15×31cm AA9224B...Read More
Gel Plus Cushion
Gel Plus Cushion Development of the original Gel cushion has lead to this unique Gel Plus cushion that combines combustion modified high resilient foam with visco elastic heat sensitive foam and silicon gel, to provide the user with the ultimate in comfort. Designed for those wheelchair users or seated patients that are at high risk of developing pressure sores.   The cushion cover offers a PU coated 2 way stretch fabric top/side panels and non-slip base with sewn seams and zip opening. Size 430×430×80mm (17×17×3˝). ...Read More