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Daisy CosyFeet Shoe
Daisy CosyFeet Shoe Good looking and exceptionally accommodating This delightful leather shoe with exquisite stitching detail and attractive scooped-wedge heels will add the finishing touch to any outfit. Light, delicate and very pretty– just like her namesake! But don't be fooled by her dainty appearance, this style will fit a range of swelling, even very swollen insteps. A shoe with definite Wow factor – not just in looks, but in her fitting capabilities too. Why you'll love Daisy... Will fit a range of swelling, even exceptional...Read More
Hinged Arm Support Rail - Support Leg
Hinged Arm Support Rail - Support Leg For extra strength and confidence, the support leg can be used with all Linido hinged arm support rails. The leg is hinged and moves up and down with the arm support. Consists of an adjustable leg support, clamps and distance stay bar. The leg can be easily adjusted in height from 700 to 850mm (27 ½ to 33 ½?) Maximum load weight 23½ st 150 kg ...Read More
Soft Coated Caring Cutlery
Soft Coated Caring CutleryThese soft coated spoons have been dipped in soft, food quality PVC. They may be beneficial for users with bite reflex problems or a sensitive mouth. Due to the type of use to which these items are subjected, they are only guaranteed for three months. The spoons are hygienically sealed into the contoured Caring Cutlery handles, are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Length of handles 127mm (5˝). Soft Coated Spoon 65g - AA55731  Soft Coated Teaspoon 55g - AA55732  ...Read More
Tin Opener Ring Pull
Tin Opener Ring PullA plastic ring puller that provides excellent leverage and has a large broad surface for grip. The flat end fits easily under the tab to break the seal prior to levering the lid off with the hook end. Length 160mm (6 1/4˝). Weight 18g. ...Read More