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Ken CosyFeet Shoes
Ken CosyFeet Shoes Ideal for fitting bunions, swelling or misshapen feet. Ideal for bunions, swollen or misshapen feet, this soft, stretchy shoe won’t put pressure on painful toes, joints or swelling. It also benefits from a hard-wearing yet flexible sole so it’s great for active feet. Why you’ll love Ken... Support of a leather shoe with the seam-free comfort of a slipper Elastane uppers mould to the shape of your foot – ideal for bunions, hammer toes and swelling Adjustable to...Read More
Barty CosyFeet Shoes
Barty CosyFeet Shoes Very adjustable and opens to the toe so easy to get on and off. This style opens right the way down so they’re easy to get on and off, even if your foot is very swollen. Made from soft but robust tumbled leather they’re wonderfully lightweight and comfortable and have a touch fastening that’s simple to do up and adjust. ...Read More
Soapy Soles
Soapy SolesThis gentle massage pad has hundreds of soft little fingers to clean your feet with no bending or reaching. It attaches to the bathtub or shower floor by powerful suction cups on its underside. Simply wet it, apply a quantity of your favourite liquid soap and rub your foot back and fourth for a thorough, soothing foot wash.   A great solution for people with limited lower extremity movement, back pain or those with balance problems.  Size 290 x 140 x 30mm (11½ x 5½ x 1¼ inches) Weight 300g ...Read More
Vulkan Elastic Knee Support
Vulkan Elastic Knee SupportProvides comfort to the knee muscles andtendons by retaining heat. Provides superiorsupport and compression to the joint, tocontrol and limit swelling. Ideal for sprains andstrains. Easily worn under clothing for dailyprevention and protection...Read More