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Positioning Support Strap
Positioning Support Strap The Positioning Support Strap alleviates some of the pressure from your back and will bring you even closer to your partner as you enjoy the IntimateRider. Simply wrap the strap around the hips of your partner as she waits for you on all fours.   Perfect for you and your partner when using the IntimateMate Adventure Set or Romance Set for all your favorite positions. Quads now have a support handle that will increase momentum and performance while using the IntimateRider. Padded with a plush microfiber leopard or black print. Comfortable:...Read More
Wheat Bag - Hot Water Bottle
Wheat Bag - Hot Water Bottle This Hot Wheat Bottle provides the benefits of a traditional hot water bottle, but is easily heated in a microwave. It stays warm for hours and has the additional benefit of lavender scenting. Size 370 x 200mm (13 x 8 inches) Weight 600g ...Read More
Sandal Shower
Sandal ShowerThe ShowerSandal requires no bending or stretching to use. Simply affix the suction cups to the floor of the shower or bath, wet it, apply some liquid soap and rub your foot back and forth for a thorough, refreshing foot wash. The ShowerSandal is designed to clean your entire foot, including in-between toes, the arch, heel, sides and top of the foot.   It is especially useful for people who have difficulty bending or those who have a condition requiring special foot care. The ShowerSandal gives a gentle massage while providing comfort and safety by alleviating the...Read More
Serena Dual Motor Riser Recliner Waterfall Back Chair
Serena Dual Motor Riser Recliner Waterfall Back ChairThis riser recliner chair is powered by two motors which enables the user to raise the footrest and backrest independently, providing the widest range of positioning options. This ensures the highest degree of comfort to the user. It is a spacious chair that is ideal for most users. This model has the popular waterfall back which is both stylish and very comfortable. Available in four colour options: cinnamon mocha oatmeal floral Not available in the Wine Vinyl option ...Read More