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Matra Mattress
Matra Mattress The Matra mattress is rolled, making it much easier to transport Dimensions 200×90×15cm Maximum user weight 211/4 st 135 kg  ...Read More
Homecraft Bed Fleeces
Homecraft Bed Fleeces These wool pile fleeces offer both warmth and comfort to the user who is seated or lying for long periods of time. The single pile fleece is also available with fitting straps. All are machine washable and can be tumble dried.   Size Dimensions Weight Hip Pad - A3915 &...Read More
Footbrush And Toe Sponge
Footbrush And Toe SpongeFor hygiene of lower extremities while standing or sitting. Useful for people with limited access to feet. It has a plastic contoured handle with a nylon brush for comfortable cleaning of feet. Supplied with one large sponge and two small Length is 610mm (24 inches) with 95mm (3¾ inches) brush, 35mm (11/3 inches) wedge-tip sponge Weight 120g ...Read More
High Seat Versatile Cushion
High Seat Versatile Cushion This versatile cushion is covered in vinyl and has a wooden base. Used to elevate the seating level of a regular chair to take the stress off legs and knees when the seat is too low.   An over the shoulder carry strap to make the cushion easy to transport from one place to the next. Size 400×400×100mm (16×16×4˝). Weight 1.4kg.  ...Read More