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PainSolvEmits pulsed magnetic waves to help manage pain and heal wounds Proven relief for painful joints and muscles PainSolv® offers a simple, effective drug-free solution to manage aches and pains. This class 2a medical device emits pulsed electromagnetic waves that gently and painlessly penetrate body tissue, helping to manage the pain and discomfort caused by conditions such as arthritis and joint problems. Simply choose either of the pain, wound or stress settings available and then place the end of the unit on the area to be treated, using the targeting lig...Read More
Adjustable Small Based Quadruped Walking Stick
Adjustable Small Based Quadruped Walking Stick Quadruped Cane Small quadruped base  Swan neck handle  Anodised aluminium  Chrome plated steel base  Height adjustable  Moulded grey handle  Non-slip, non-marking rubber tips    ...Read More
Queens Angled Built-Up Cutlery
Queens Angled Built-Up CutleryA range of stainless steel utensils with an angled head, enabling those with limited wrist movement to eat more easily. The knife has a blade bent at an angle to the handle and can be used with a rocker action. The fork and spoon are available as right or left handed versions. Specifications as for standard Queens range.  ...Read More
Cot Side Bumper for 3 & 4 Bar Chrome Rails
Cot Side Bumper for 3 & 4 Bar Chrome Rails These cot bumpers have closed ends to totally cover the trombone type rails. The closed ends ensure a secure fit and cover the vertical spaces.  The bumpers are suitable for the 3 bar and 4 bar rail.   Available in two lengths. 1300mm (51 1/4˝) 1830mm (72˝) ...Read More