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Original ¾ Length Insoles
Original ¾ Length InsolesBlue Point products are made from medical grade viscoelastic silicone for long lasting support and comfort. They are designed for shock absorption, enhanced comfort and pressure relief. The position of the blue points helps to relieve pressure and reduce pain on the most sensitive areas of the foot. Can be trimmed to desired size. Washable and reusable. All products sold in pairs....Read More
Becki CosyFeet Shoe
Becki CosyFeet Shoe The clever court shoe There's more to this dressy shoe than meets the eye! The decorative buckle disguises a discreet touch fastening that peels back to expose a Lycra® gusset. The gusset gently stretches and moulds to any foot shape to give enhanced comfort and fit. Why you'll love Becki... Discreet touch fastening disguised with a stylish buckle Very lightweight so easy to wear all day Deep toe area to fit a more swollen foot Fab...Read More
Reno Electric Wheelchair Powerchair
Reno Electric Wheelchair PowerchairThe Reno electric wheelchair or powerchair from Roma Medical is a new model for 2013 and is a very well designed compact powerchair that dismantles easily and without tools for transportation.   The Reno wheelchair or power chair  has detachable batteries for easy charging, a single flip-up foot plate and flip-up width adjustable arm rests. Its large comfy seat provides ample support and is nicely padded for those longer trips which the Reno will take in its stride with a range of up to 15 miles on a single charge. The Reno will accommodate users up...Read More
Dual Handle Double Handed Leg Lifter
Dual Handle Double Handed Leg LifterThis webbing strap with stiffened stem enables the user to move a stiff or immobile leg when using the bed, wheelchair, footstool etc. The upper loop fits around the hand and wrist, and the lower stiffened loop slides over the foot to give control in lifting the leg.   Similar in construction to the Leg Lifter (AA8620),but with two handles for users that cannot lift their leg with one hand. Length 865mm (34 inches) Weight 110g...Read More