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Uni-Frame Toilet Frame
Uni-Frame Toilet Frame A Homecraft folding frame with one piece plastic seat and padded back rest for comfort. Legs are height adjustable and the seat has a cut away for personal hygiene. Seat height 435 to 560mm (17 to 22?) Rail height 620 to 745mm (24 ½ to 29 ¼?) Width 500mm (19 ½?) Depth 420mm (16 ½?) Weight 5.1kg Maximum user weight 20 st 127 kg ...Read More
Vernagel Super Absorbent Powder
Vernagel Super Absorbent Powder This super absorbent powder prevents spillages, minimises residual odours and reduces the risk of cross-infection. It is designed to soak up bodily fluids, such as blood, vomit or urine, and can be used in a urine bottle before use or straight onto a floor spillage. Available as loose powder or in convenient sachets Vernagel can easily be disposed of in a macerator Eases nurse workload and saves laundry costs Reduces risk of cross infection Minimises or eliminates residual odours ...Read More
Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II System
Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II System The free standing Vestibulator System offers your facility all the benefits of a ceiling suspension system without the installation costs and concerns. It has the capacity to accommodate a wide range of therapy modules for vestibular, neurodevelopmental, and sensory integration therapy.   When used with various accessories, the Deluxe Vestibulator System provides vertical stimulation and direct flexion, linear acceleration, rotational experiences, and complete range of motion exercises. It also incorporates a 360° vertical rotation system for a smooth, un...Read More
Serena Rise and Recliner Chair - Waterfall Back
Serena Rise and Recliner Chair - Waterfall BackA spacious chair that is ideal for most users, providing a high level of comfort. Features a single motor and early-rise ottoman to enable the user to raise their legs without fully reclining the chair. The single motor design means that the chair is easy to control with just two buttons (rise or recline). This model has the popular waterfall back which is both stylish and very comfortable. Available in five colour options: Mocha Oatmeal Floral ...Read More