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Body Brush
Body BrushThis massaging brush has smooth bristles on either side that adapt to the body’s contours. The long handle enables the user to reach difficult body parts such as their back or shoulders. Can be used either wet or dry Length 430mm (17?) Weight 214g.  ...Read More
Apollo 4 or 4+ Cushion
Apollo 4 or 4+ Cushion The Apollo 4 is a high specification cushion that is ideally suited for use in an Acute Hospital, Nursing Home or Community environment also offering the Apollo 4+ while out and about still giving the client the same pressure reduction and care through the new innovation of the battery operated pump system that will run for up to 24 hours with a average client weight of 13 stone (82.7kgs).   If the pressure drops below the required setting on the Apollo4+, the system will automatically activate the compressors to maintain the...Read More
Easyrail Bed Grab Rail - Twin Handle
Easyrail Bed Grab Rail - Twin HandleThe Easyrail is designed to fit those beds where the mattress sits within a side frame, such as pine slatted beds. It is Easy to assemble and dismantle, with no need for tools and can be trasported or stored when not in use.   The Easyrail singlehandle can be used on single, double or kingsize beds, and has one handle. Choice of sizes determined by user's weight- standard Easyrail and Heavy Duty. If two occupants need assistance, or a single occupant would benefit from the use of a bed grab rail handle on both sides of bed,the Easyrail twin-handle is available...Read More
Special Tomato eio Push Chair
Special Tomato eio Push ChairThe Special Tomato eio Push Chair is an innovative buggy which combines a classic push chair design with the support and functionality required by children with mild to moderate postural needs.   This special needs push chair, which is suitable for children from infancy up to 90lb (41kg), features padded hip and trunk laterals, a padded headrest and a 5 point harness, as well as the features you would associate with any push chair – a rain/sun canopy, a shopping basket and a lightweight easy to fold frame which will fit easily into your car.  ...Read More