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SafePresence Audio Attendant
SafePresence Audio Attendant The SafePresence Audio Attendant is a standalone product which can be used together with bed, chair or floor sensor pads to alert a caregiver locally onsite through a portable wireless remote sounder when a person at risk of falling leaves a bed or chair.   The system is supplied with a wireless handset with built in microphone and can also be used for two-way audio communication between care givers and the person being monitored. The system comes complete with a rechargeable battery with mains power adaptor....Read More
Hinged Arm Support Rail - Toilet Roll Holder
Hinged Arm Support Rail - Toilet Roll Holder This toilet roll holder makes it possible to change, unroll and tear the toilet paper with one hand. Fits any Linido hinged arm support or Ergogrip grab rail Only available in white.  ...Read More
Mattress Topper
Mattress Topper The surface of this mattress topper allows it to mould to the body's shape evenly and provide extra comfort. Depth is 75mm (3 inches).   Single Dimensions: 900 x 1980mm (35 1/2 x 78˝) Weight: 1.7kg AA3920 Double Dimensions:  1450 x 1980mm (57 x 78˝) Weight: 2.9kg AA3921 ...Read More
Scout Travel Mobility Scooter
Scout Travel Mobility Scooter For a lightweight scooter, the Scout is very robust, being capable of carrying a user up to 20 stone in weight a maximum of 10 miles between charges. Designed to incorporate the new Drive splitting mechanism, this scooter easily separates into 5 convenient parts for transportation and storage.   The Scout lightweight mobility scooter is the latest portable scooter developed by Drive Medical. It has all of the features we have come to expect from a a lightweight transportable model, along with a few extras. For a lightweight scoote...Read More