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Metro Walker
Metro Walker The Metro Walker is the world's smallest-folding walker to make travelling& Stress-Free! Its easy-fold technology allows you to fold the walker in seconds with the lift of a finger for fast and easy storage. When you're ready to use it simply pull the handles apart and you're ready to go.   It only weighs 2.7kg and the smaller 48cm base makes it easy to fit through tight spaces for maximum portability. And to fit your individual style It comes in 2 different colours (Regal Rose and Black Walnut) - Collapsed D...Read More
Wheelchair Crutch Bag with Pocket
Wheelchair Crutch Bag with Pocket A large carry bag with a deep pocket that is suitable for crutches and walking sticks. The main compartment has a zipped top for secure, waterproof storage and is large enough to hold items of clothing.   The rear storage pouch has a hook and loop fastening for quick access. Side pouch holds two crutches or walking sticks. When possible, adjustable crutches and walking sticks should be reduced to their minimum height for safe carriage....Read More
Nimbo Paediatrics Posture Walker
Nimbo Paediatrics Posture WalkerThis lightweight safety walker supports the user from behind to promote a more upright posture and trunk extension. A ratchet mechanism on the rear wheels prevents the walker from rolling backwards while soft rubber wheels adhere to a variety of surfaces and will not allow the walker to slide backwards. Aluminium Frame in bright colours. Height adjustable Soft rubber wheels adhere to any surface and will not allow the Nimbo to slide backwards One directional rear wheels with aluminium ratchet and pin mechanism Anti-Reverse override bracke...Read More
Vision Complex
Vision ComplexVision Complex to help maintain eye health Lutein, zinc, beta-carotene & zeaxanthin for healthy eyes Vision Complex is rich in zinc and contains extracts of tagetes and blackcurrants Lutein, zinc, beta-carotene & zeaxanthin are nutrients known to be important for maintaining the health of eyes and healthy vision Zinc contributes to the normal metabolism of vitamin A and fatty acids in the body, and the maintenance of normal healthy vision Benefits and features of A.Vogel Vision Complex: ...Read More