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Memory Foam Prop-up Wedge Pillow
Memory Foam Prop-up Wedge PillowProp-up wedge manufactured with a memory foam comfort layer, offering optimum support whilst sitting or sleeping. Length 740mm (29 1/2˝). Width 580mm (23 1/5˝). Height 300mm (12˝). Weight 4.8kg. ...Read More
Derby Basketweave Commode Chair
Derby Basketweave Commode Chair A traditional wooden frame commode chair with woven fibre upholstery in white and beige. The removable seat conceals a plastic commode pan and lid with carrying handle. The high chair sides provide support to the user when rising or lowering.  Width between arms (at top) 530mm (20¾ inches) Seat height 470mm (18½ inches) Seat width 440mm (17¼ inches) Depth 440mm (17¼ inches) Backrest height 775mm (30½ inches) Weight 7.2kg   ...Read More
Leg Waterproof Cast And Dressing Protector
Leg Waterproof Cast And Dressing ProtectorThese comfortable waterproof protectors are easy to use and have a self-sealing band allowing them to be submerged. Simply slip over a cast or dressing on either the leg or arm to protect them whilst showering or bathing.   The neoprene band has a wide area of contact and therefore does not pinch the skin or feel constrictive. The main body is made from a pliable waterproof PVC/nylon mesh, which is roomy and slip resistant.      See Also: ...Read More
Melbury Collection - Rise & Recliner, Sofa and High back Armchair
Melbury Collection - Rise & Recliner, Sofa and High back ArmchairQuality guaranteed The luxurious pillowed back of the Melbury provides an integral headrest and lumbar support. See the grid below for the design options which are available. Heated lumbar and massage systems are available on recliners and riser recliners as an optional extra.   This collection has a long tradition of maintaining excellence, both in quality and craftsmanship. Every item is made to order, wherever possible offering a variety of seat heights, seat depths and seat widths. This collection uses only the finest materials and every ch...Read More