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Pressalit Nursing Shower Bench 3000
Pressalit Nursing Shower Bench 3000 This height adjustable nursing bench is designed to help with the safe moving and handling of children and adults while they are being changed or showered. The bench is slightly curved making it extremely comfortable and safe. The height adjustable bench can be adjusted from a suitable transfer height (300mm) to a safe caring height (1000mm) (note these heights are dependent upon fixing position). Bench supplied complete with safety rail Available in 1430mm and 1930mm Height adjustable or Fixed height options Maximum user...Read More
Reacher Backscratcher
Reacher Backscratcher Designed for those with limited range of motion. With a bendable handle this backscratcher can reach the lower or upper part of the back with minimal effort. Length 650mm (26˝). ...Read More
Readi Reusable Chair Protector
Readi Reusable Chair ProtectorThese re-usable seat pads have been specially designed to look and feel like a normal seat cover to preserve user dignity. Manufactured from a superior absorbent, stay dry material with a slip resistant backing, the pads protect both user and seating. Can be used on an armchair, small dining chair, a wheelchair or even in the car when travelling. Designed for light to moderate incontinence, these pads are machine washable....Read More
Polypropylene Single Waterproof Bedding
Polypropylene Single Waterproof Bedding Hypo-allergenic waterproof mattress, duvet and pillow covers that will protect the mattress and duvet from spillages. The protectors also protect the user from dust mites etc. Made from flame retardant polypropylene, they are washable and require no ironing.   Available in 3 mattress sizes: Single: 900×1900mm (35½×75˝) Double: 1400×2000mm (55×78¾˝) King: 1550×2000mm (61×78¾˝)   Optional duvet...Read More