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Sholeco Deluxe Shopping Trolley
Sholeco Deluxe Shopping TrolleyStable yet lightweight design, these attractive trolleys have front swivel wheels making them extremely easy to manoeuvre. Designed to be totally safe to walk with and lean on, they are ideal for those with arthritis, rheumatism and other walking problems. With no rear axle, the user can walk close behind the Sholeco without the risk of tripping. Folds flat for storage in an instant.   The trolley features an insulated cool bag at the rear to preserve hot/cold items and provide extra carriage room. It also has an internal front zipped pocket and three internal rea...Read More
Three Wheeled Tri-Wheel Rollator for Hire
Three Wheeled Tri-Wheel Rollator for Hire The Three-Wheeled Rollator from Homecraft is extremely durable making it ideal for everyday use. Excellent value for money, it features either easy to operate loop brakes, which provide secure stopping and lock into place for security, or pressure brakes.   Height adjustable handles ensure the correct position for the user. It folds easily for transportation and storage and will remain upright when in the folded position. The rollator comes complete with a handy zippered carry bag and large basket with tray. The bag can be left in place when the rollator is f...Read More
Flannel Strap and Wash Mit - Double Sided
Flannel Strap and Wash Mit - Double SidedA cotton flannel strap designed to help reach awkward places. The cotton terry surface can be used for washing and the coarse foam on the reverse can be used for scouring and toning your skin.   The D-shape handles allow an easy, secure grip. Supplied with a matching hand mitt for washing the remainder of your body. Total length 940mm (37 inches) Weight 107g Hand wash at 40ºC. Length of strap 800mm (31½ inches) Width 100mm (4 inches)...Read More
Provale Cup
Provale Cup Created to preserve the dignity of those who suffer from dysphagia or disorders associated with difficulty swallowing. The Provale Cup can be filled at the beginning of the meal and the diner can drink at will, on their own.   The cup delivers a measured amount of liquid (5ml or 10ml) to the drinker to prevent choking. The cup also allows cleanup to be limited to one piece of dinnerware rather than the several parts of other feeders. Optional one or two easy-grip handle or no handle design. 5ml Dispenser Blue ...Read More