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Dycem Anchorpads Non Slip Mats
Dycem Anchorpads Non Slip MatsDycem has been developed to produce the most effective non-slip material available. It is not sticky, but it grips dry, slippery surfaces e.g. worktops, trays, floors and tables to prevent movement. It may also be used to enhance grip on jars, handles, etc. It can be cleaned in soft, soapy water to retain its properties but is not effective when wet.     Size Weight A Round 140...Read More
Taunton Raised Toilet Seat
Taunton Raised Toilet SeatThis Homecraft seat is gently contoured for comfort. The aperture is elongated compared to most seats and has a front cut-away for personal hygiene. The seat slopes slightly forward to assist with lowering and raising, and sits on moulded bumpers for stability. The seat is fully sealed and easy to clean Three plastic moulded brackets allow external adjustment to fit most toilets Aperture 310×220mm (12 ½×8 ½?) Maximum user weight 24 st 152 kg ...Read More
Homecraft Patient Walker
Homecraft Patient WalkerThese new patient walkers from Homecraft provide an economical rehabilitation aid, ideal for post-operative and postsurgical clients who need extra assistance.   They are also suitable for those who require additional support for back problems, weak or fractured legs, pelvic fractures and neurological impairments. Promoting confidence and independence, they can enhance the rehabilitation process.   Available in: Manual Without Hand Brakes - 09 117 9290  Manual With Hand Brakes...Read More
Royal Rest Pillow
Royal Rest Pillow Royal Rest pillows stay cool and fresh throughout the night. The material is cut, rather than moulded, therefore, the cells in the foam remain open. Air circulation is maximised thereby reducing the discomfort of sweating. The pillow cover is made of 100% cotton helping people with sensitive skins to enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep. Size 500×380mm (19 3/4×15˝)....Read More