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Sock Aid
Sock Aid  Helps you put on socks and hold-ups effortlessly and painlessly. Socks on in seconds.   Our handy Sock Aid helps you put on socks and hold-ups effortlessly and painlessly. Simply stretch the sock over the Sock Aid then use the reins to guide your foot in and pull the sock up your leg. Why you’ll love the Sock Aid… Put on socks and hold-ups in a comfortable seated position Reduces need to bend Easy to use ...Read More
Wireless Patient Call Button
Wireless Patient Call Button The call button can be either wall mounted or used as a pendant. When pressed a signal is sent to the monitor using wireless technology. The range is approximately 150 metres.   The monitor will identify the call button by displaying the number on the panel and provide an audio alert. If a pager is used a signal is also sent to the carer’s pager with a voice announcement of the call button location number. Batteries supplied.  ...Read More
Splayed with Slim Handle
Splayed with Slim HandleSpecifically designed for paediatrics to help explore and solve the problems that delay or prevent self feeding representing most areas of need....Read More
Adjustable Height Stick Seat
Adjustable Height Stick SeatThis stick seat is constructed from aluminium and plastic, making it extremely lightweight to carry and corrosion resistant. It folds easily away, turning into a stick that can be used for support when walking. The most stable seated position is with the handle between the user's legs. Handle height 845 to 950mm (33¼ to 37½ inches).  Seat height 455 x 540mm (18 x 21¼ inches).  Weight 900g Maximum user weight 100 kg 15¾ st ...Read More