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Escape Lite Lightweight Wheelchair
Escape Lite Lightweight Wheelchair   The Escape Lite Wheelchair's extremely light and foldable frame has been specially designed to be easy to transport and store, making it the ideal chair for occasional use. The wheelchair is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, giving you flexibility wherever you go.   This wheelchair is a great balance between weight and comfort. With a full-length armrest, padded upholstery, and detachable swingaway footrests, it provides all the basic comfort necessities. The Escape Lite also has the added benefit of simple maintenance with punctur...Read More
Seat-2-Go Children's Positioning Seat
Seat-2-Go Children's Positioning Seat This lightweight soft padded positioning seat is ideal for children that need support while sitting on the floor or on a chair. It is simple to use in a home, school or when travelling. The contoured seat prevents the child from sliding forward and improves seating posture.   It has a 95° seat to back angle and double strap trunk support and belt. The fastening straps secure the seat to any chair and can be stored in the back pocket when not in use. It can also be used as an insert for a pushchair. The Seat-2-Go also has a height adjustable headrest and a...Read More
Andy CosyFeet Shoes
Andy CosyFeet Shoes A cotton-lined casual shoe with a stretchy top for a flexible fit. Cotton-lined to keep feet cool and comfortable, this attractive casual shoe has another string to its bow. The top panel is made of special stretchy Elastane which expands to fit feet if they change shape during the day. ...Read More
Axcess Telescopic Two Part Channel Ramp
Axcess Telescopic Two Part Channel RampThese ramps, sold in pairs, are made from two nested aluminium extrusions. They produce a strong rigid ramp, which gives a feeling of stability and security to the user. They can be telescoped in and out to give the optimum length and then closed down to their minimum for storage or transport. A spring safety lock holds the sections closed Internal width 188mm (7½ inches) External width 245mm (9½ inches)   ↵ ...Read More