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Ascot Combined Board and Seat System
Ascot Combined Board and Seat SystemA luxury product combining a bath board with a bath seat, ensuring correct alignment with no possibility of movement between them. The frame is adjustable to allow for variations in bath depth. Both seat and board are padded for maximum comfort.   Available with either standard or front cut-away seat for easier personal cleansing. Seat height 153mm (6?) Seat size 360 × 305mm (14×12?) Board width 235mm (9 ¼?) Board length 670mm (26 ½?) Weight 7.6kg Maximum user weight...Read More
Fall Savers Deluxe Sentry Monitor
Fall Savers Deluxe Sentry Monitor The deluxe sentry monitor has many of the features as the standard sentry above; however, this monitor offers an alarm output which allows for connection to most facility nurse call bell systems when used with a nurse call cable (not included). Can only be used with the bed or chair sensor pads.  ...Read More
Devon Elite Folding Support Rail
Devon Elite Folding Support Rail The Devon Elite folding support rail has been designed to offer superb support providing the user with greater confidence, security and independence in the bathroom. Manufactured from light yet strong aluminium, the elliptical arms provide the user with the ultimate comfort and grip, whilst lowering to or rising from the toilet.   The support arms can be raised and will remain in the vertical position with the locking mechanism securing it in place. The arms are then easily lifted to release from the lock, which activates the spring mechanism that supports th...Read More
Emergency Phone with remote 2-way speech Panic Button
Emergency Phone with remote 2-way speech Panic Button A great safety product for anyone living alone and concerned about falling. In an emergency the user presses the SOS button on the pendant or main telephone. The unit then dials the five selected contacts (family/friends) for help until a response is received. If the first number is busy (or on voice mail) it will dial the next pre-programmed number. When the call is answered an emergency message is played then, two-way conversation is possible through the panic button or hands free on the telephone. Full 2-way communication through the pendant/call button or teleph...Read More