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Skip CosyFeet Sandals
Skip CosyFeet Sandals A dressy sandal that flatters swollen and misshapen feet. This is a gorgeous, dressy sandal that’s much roomier than it looks. The slim-line sole, nubuck panel and decorative stitching combine to give it a contemporary look that will go with anything you wear. Why you'll love Skip...  Completely opens up, so it’s easy to get on and off swollen feet Double touch-fastening provides a secure and adjustable fit Closed back with padded collar for additional suppo...Read More
Adjustable Height Walking Frame With Wheels
Adjustable Height Walking Frame With Wheels Made from lightweight anodised aluminium with easy to manoeuvre front wheels, these walking frames come in a wide range of sizes available to suit users needs and living space.    They have non-marking, slip-resistant rubber tips for added safety and an easy to clean plastic split handgripa. Width: 14 inches Height: 34 - 37 inches ...Read More
Utility Toilet Surround Frame
Utility Toilet Surround Frame This toilet surround frame has a unique design with a handy magazine rack at the side to keep your books, newspapers and magazines close by. Made from powder-coated steel with padded hand rails for that extra comfort and security. Width adjustable 537 to 637mm (21 ½ to 25 ½?).  Maximum user weight 17¾ st 114 kg ...Read More
Angled Cutlery
Angled CutleryAngled versions of the Lightweight Foam range for those with limited wrist or arm movement. The knife can be used without cocking the wrist and the fork and spoon are available as right (R) or left (L) handed versions. Knife blade at 90° angle. Fork and spoon at 40° angles. Stainless steel utensils with closed cell foam handles.     Weight AA5555 ...Read More