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Palm Protector
Palm ProtectorHolds fingers out to prevent digging into the palm of the hand. Cuff fabricated from closed-cell foam lined with a pile fabric.  Pre-rolled and attached to simplify application.  One size Hand wash air dry ...Read More
Walking Stick Strap
Walking Stick StrapThis nylon wrist strap offers exceptional value for money and is suitable for use with all sticks. The elasticated hoop allows easy and secure fitting. Weight 5g.  ...Read More
Children's Mobility Scooter Board
Children's Mobility Scooter Board This child-friendly Scooter Board is covered in Tumble Forms 2 coating and helps develop children’s neuromotor control as they propel themselves in any direction. It has two handles for the child to hold and the covering is washable and waterproof.   Treatment Tip Position the child prone on the scooter board. Have the child hold onto a rope or strap that is pulled along by the therapist to promote head and trunk extension....Read More
Echinaforce Chewable Cold & Flu tablets
Echinaforce Chewable Cold & Flu tablets Easy to take Echinacea tablet Chewable, tasty Echinacea tablet for colds & flu Echinaforce® Chewable is ideal when you are looking for the benefits of Echinacea in a pleasantly orange flavoured chewable tablet that’s easy to take. Benefits and features of Echinaforce® Chewable Helps fight the misery of colds and flu For children 12 years and over Replaces Echinaforce® Junior Made from freshly harvested Echinacea purpurea herb and root ...Read More