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John Acrylic CosyFeet Slipper
John Acrylic CosyFeet Slipper This open toe slipper is great for problem toes or bandaged feet This open toe slipper is ideal for problem toes or bandaged feet. Very adjustable and very secure, it's easy to put on and has a quick and simple fastening. It's extremely lightweight and cushioned for extra comfort. ...Read More
Valencia Mid Size Refurbished Scooter
Valencia Mid Size Refurbished Scooter The Roma Shoprider Valencia mobility scooter is the new 4mph scooter in the popular Shoprider range. With full comfort and ample legroom the Shoprider Valenica Mobility Scooter is a mid size scooter designed to dismantle without tools for easy transportation.   It comes standard with a split battery pack, swivel seat, full lights set, adjustable angle tiller with lock function Split battery pack Swivel, slide and reclining seat Adjustable angle tiller with lock function Dismantles easily without...Read More
Powerball Hand Exercisers - Autostart Edition
Powerball Hand Exercisers - Autostart EditionIntroducing the unique new NSD PowerBall rehabilitation instruments. The definitive rehabilitation device. Once activated, the NSD PowerBall generates levels of gyroscopic inertia previously unheard of for its small size.    Pure, Dynamic Therapy. Recommended by Chiropractors, the NSD PowerBall is a fully dynamic rehabilitation product that takes your wrist through the actual ranges of its motion while simultaneously adding resistance.   Results are produced quickly and efficiently and because the resistance gene...Read More
Newstead Weighted Cutlery
Newstead Weighted CutleryThese weighted versions of the Newstead Cutlery range feature a heavier handle that is particularly suitable for users who suffer from conditions such as hand tremors. The Weighted Cutlery is available to purchase individually or as a set of four.    The Newstead Cutlery range has been ergonomically designed to give a soft, non-slip grip, the handles are cushioned to allow the user to hold the utensil firmly but comfortably, even when wet. The handles are made from tough plastic with a soft, flexible overmoulding allowing the handle to adapt to the user´...Read More