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Easi-Grip Chiropodist Scissors
Easi-Grip Chiropodist Scissors The long loop handles allow the whole hand to be used for controlling the scissors. This is ideal for those with a weak grip. The extended shank helps users who have difficulty bending.  The angled blades give a good cutting position, with the top blade being slightly serrated to stop it slipping.  The blades are made of stainless steel.  Overall length 200mm.  Blade length 30mm.  Weight 55g ...Read More
Arthro Tall-ette Raised Toilet Seat
Arthro Tall-ette Raised Toilet SeatDesigned with a cut-away on one side for people with a leg or knee injury who require an extended leg position. Supplied with a Slip-in Lok-in-el bracket. Seat height 140mm (5 ½?) Weight 1.6kg Maximum user weight 25¾ st 165 kg ...Read More
Heavy Duty Commode
Heavy Duty Commode This extremely robust heavy duty stationary commode chair comes complete with anti bacterial backrest and over seat. Features a clip on, clip off rotational moulded aperture seat and oval potty.   Technical Specification Seat Height 460 to 610mm (18 to 24?) Seat depth 430mm (17?) Seat to top of arms 180m (7?) Seat to top of back 420mm (16½?) Width between arms 605mm (23¾?) Orifice width 250mm (9¾?) Orifice depth 280mm (11?) ...Read More
Splayed Fork & Nelson Knife One Handed Cutlery
Splayed Fork & Nelson Knife One Handed CutleryThese stainless steel utensils, mounted into our Lightweight Foam handle, can be used for one handed eating by combining cutlery functions. The splayed fork is a pronged fork with edges designed for cutting food and a deep rounded body which functions like a spoon.   The Nelson Knife is a knife with a cutting edge, which ends as a curved pronged fork, to enable food to be picked up. The foam is comfortable to hold and washable (although not recommended for dishwashers).   Splayed Fork Weight: 40g...Read More