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Electroflex Circulation Maxx Massager
Electroflex Circulation Maxx MassagerProblems with swollen feet or poor circulation in the lower legs and ankles, the Electroflex Circulation Maxx may be the solution. Offers a number of benefits for the user, including TENS Therapy and Far InfraRed Heat Therapy. The foot pads send unique electronic waveforms through the skin, stimulating nerves located in the soles of the users feet. These comfortable impulses help to revive those tired ankles, feet and legs.   As well as the legs, shoulders, back and arms can now also be targeted easily and quickly for the treatment of minor aches and pains. Electr...Read More
Sena Electric Wheelchair Powerchair
Sena Electric Wheelchair PowerchairThe Shoprider Sena Electric Wheelchair Powerchair is an extremely versatile example of a transportable powerchair. It can easily be dismantled into sections and placed in the car. The powerful twin drive motors can carry a user of up to 15.7 stone 15 miles between charges. The Sena Electric Wheelchair Powerchair is extremely well engineered, with articulating front and rear axles to provide a much more comfortable ride all round. This continues with the button padded Captain seat with head rest, that can be a adjusted at the back and the angle of the seat base it...Read More
Easy Cushion Support
Easy Cushion Support A versatile U-shaped cushion that can be used to give support and comfort to various parts of the body. It can be used on the floor or in a bed to lift the head and neck when reading or it can be wrapped round the waist when sitting to give the back support.   Alternatively, it can be used between legs to help keep hips in alignment, or to help keep the user in a particular position, eg. the recovery position. Also useful in bed to keep the body stable and provide comfort. Optional washable blue cover. ...Read More
Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Rover Stroller Pushchair
Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Rover Stroller Pushchair Combines the Carrie Seat with a stroller base for maximum mobility indoors or out. The Carrie Seat is removable. The stroller base is also sold separately. Full feature, removable Carrie Seat Adjustable Tray Adjustable Footrest Lightweight, Folding Stroller Base ...Read More