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Lindale Collection - Sofa, High back Armchair and Stool
Lindale Collection - Sofa, High back Armchair and StoolQuality guaranteed The Lindale collection is perfect for any living space, this more traditional feel would be welcome in any home. The wood trim finishes off this fabulous design and features fully reversible back and seat cushions   This collection has a long tradition of maintaining excellence, both in quality and craftsmanship. Every item is made to order, wherever possible offering a variety of seat heights, seat depths and seat widths. This collection uses only the finest materials and every chair is hand finished before it is put through...Read More
Adjustable Height Lightweight Shower Stool
Adjustable Height Lightweight Shower Stool This height adjustable shower stool has a lightweight aluminium frame and a clip-on plastic seat that can be easily removed for cleaning. The handles on the side of the seat provide additional support when rising or lowering. Seat width 370mm (14½ inches) Seat depth 270mm (10½ inches) Seat height 460 to 585mm (18 to 23 inches) Width between arms 500mm (19¾ inches) External width 550mm (21¾ inches) External depth 375mm (14¾ inches) Weight 2.8kg...Read More
Rollator & Transit Chair Combination
Rollator & Transit Chair CombinationThis innovative product can be used as either a rollator or a short trip transport chair – the user can walk themselves with the support of a rollator or can be pushed by a carer if they need a break.   The rollator features height adjustable handles with easy to operate loop breaks. The transit chair has flip up footrests providing support during transport, a lap belt and a pushing bar with non-slip hand grips.   The seat and backrest are padded for comfort when seated and there is an under seat bag for carrying small items. Large 1...Read More
Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy
Buckingham Walking Frame CaddyDeveloped by healthcare professionals to enable users of wheeled walking frames to safely transport a variety of daily living items. In most instances it can replace the need for a trolley. The caddy enables a patient to carry most items safely and more importantly, independently, without being reliant upon carers. One large and one small compartment to allow the user to separate items such as glasses, keys, medication etc. Supplied with a tray that is designed to safely transport a plate of food and a mug holder, which catches any spillages.    An anti-...Read More