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Hands Free Hairdryer Stand
Hands Free Hairdryer Stand A convenient stand that holds the hairdryer steady for one handed styling or drying. The hairdryer nestles securely in a foam padded clamp on top of a flexible neck that can be adjusted to any angle from its tabletop base.   Useful for hemiplegics, arthritics and others with limited upper extremity range of motion, strength or co-ordination. This simple, but essential piece of equipment increases independence for user or carer....Read More
Etac Edge Corner Shower Stool
Etac Edge Corner Shower StoolThe Edge is a comfortable, height adjustable triangular shower stool that fits perfectly into a corner, taking up very little space. It features a stable and comfortable seat that can be set with a slight forward angle to facilitate standing. It is possible to turn the stool, offering a variety of positions, with the possibility of alleviating hip pain by sitting in a saddle position. The Edge stands firmly on all three legs thanks to its built-in flexibility and the legs are slightly angled outward to increase the stability.  Footprint 520mm (20½ inches...Read More
Derby Half Step
Derby Half StepThe Derby Half-Step halves the door step rise for those with limited mobility. The large platform allows the user to become steady before attempting the actual step.      ...Read More
Nuvo Toilet Seat Raiser
Nuvo Toilet Seat RaiserThe Nuvo toilet seat raiser is an innovative and inclusive solution to achieving a 50mm (2?) raise for toileting. Unique horseshoe profile is designed to fit the widest range of standard toilets. Non slip pads are included on the underside for added security.   A cost effective and secure solution, the Nuvo Toilet Seat Raiser is discreet and allows the user to retain use of their own toilet seat, together with the facility to raise and lower the seat and lid. Length 400mm (15 ¾?) Width 345mm (13 ½?) Height 25mm...Read More