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Zebra Paediatric Positioning Chair
Zebra Paediatric Positioning Chair The Zebra chair was designed for children who are unable to sit independently and it can be used at home, in hospitals, schools and rehabilitation centres. The brightly coloured upholstery and attractive design make the chair very appealing to children encouraging them to think of the chair as a toy rather than a rehabilitation device. .   The chair can be positioned either in the sitting or lying position to suit the child’s positioning needs. It includes a wide range of accessories as standard. Standard Equipment ...Read More
Transparent Wheelchair Tray
Transparent Wheelchair Tray This moulded transparent tray has smooth edges and corners, ensuring protection for tender skin. Easy to wipe clean, there are no places for dirt or germs to collect. Two recessed wells at the corners help prevent drinking cups from sliding about and a pencil trough across the front provides a handy storage area. The tray is contoured so that any spilled liquid will run away from the user and not directly onto their lap. Manufactured from clear plastic enabling the wheelchair user to easily see the front corners of their chair when manoeuvring. Size 610×530mm (24×21˝). Fit...Read More
Santana Rise & Recliner Chair - Waterfall Back
Santana Rise & Recliner Chair - Waterfall BackThe new Santana Riser Recline Armchair is available with a standard comfortable backrest and one sided pocket (right hand side).The Santana Rise & Recline Chair is supplied with attractive wooden inserts on the arm and backrest and is available in either fabric (oatmeal). Arm and head covers are supplied with Oatmeal fabric option only. This rise & recline chair is ideal for people suffering with the following medical conditions:  MS Arthritis Circulation Problems many other conditions affecting mob...Read More
Andy CosyFeet Shoes
Andy CosyFeet Shoes A cotton-lined casual shoe with a stretchy top for a flexible fit. Cotton-lined to keep feet cool and comfortable, this attractive casual shoe has another string to its bow. The top panel is made of special stretchy Elastane which expands to fit feet if they change shape during the day. ...Read More