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Able2 Inflatable Bath Cushion Lift
Able2 Inflatable Bath Cushion Lift The Able2 Bathing Cushion is simple to use lowering you gently to the bottom of the bath. Once there you can choose whether to leave a small amount of air in the cushion to act as a back support, or release all the air to lie right back and bathe as normal.When you have finished your bath, the Bathing Cushion can be re-inflated to lift you steadily back up level with the top of the bath. This Bathing Cushion is battery powered with no need to have trailing power leads running out of the bathroom. ...Read More
Cygnet Female Urinal Urine Bottle
Cygnet Female Urinal Urine BottleA clear polypropylene moulded bottle with integral handle, anatomically shaped at the opening. Calibrated for output recording Weight 160g Capacity 1 litre ...Read More
Step Stool - with Rail
Step Stool - with RailA simple, sturdy stool consisting of a chrome plated steel frame with a non-slip rubber mat. The rubber ferrules provide a good grip on slippery surfaces....Read More
Travel Cushion
Travel Cushion Improve and transform old, sagging car seats by filling in the hollow at the base of the seat with this car seat leveller. Helps to lift the pelvis and place the spine in a more natural ‘S’ position by encouraging the driver to sit upright.   Makes for a healthier and more comfortable driving position and may help to reduce fatigue and stress. Size 360mm (14˝) wide and 310mm (12˝) deep by 80mm (3˝) high. Weight 450g. ...Read More