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Extra Low Perching Stool
Extra Low Perching StoolThis range of low height perching stools allow shorter users to sit at a comfortable height. Ideal for use around the home, in the kitchen, bathroom or shower. The soft, padded seats are slightly angled to enable the user to sit and rise with greater ease.   Available with moulded PU foam padding or with vinyl covered foam padding. Seat width 330mm (13?). Seat depth 280mm (11?) Seat height 400 to 550mm (15 to 21?) Width between arms 445mm (17½?) Footprint at maximum height 565×410mm (22¼×...Read More
Batty Sock and Stocking Aid
Batty Sock and Stocking Aid This device which helps the user apply socks and stockings is made up from four moulded plastic parts, ideal for easy storage and transportation.   Each part has a specific use The collar or gutter holds the garment An extension piece for the middle section A handle with a hole to hang the item up by A shoehorn with a notch to help with sock or stocking removal   The collar and extension piece interlock and fit onto either the handle or the shoehorn. ...Read More
Tap or Knob Contour Turner
Tap or Knob Contour TurnerThis device is used to give good leverage for turning small difficult items eg. gas or radiator taps. The head has a bed of sprung stainless steel rods, which when pressed around an object, retract, conform around its shape, and provide a purchase around it when the handle is turned.  The handle is a black plastic T-piece, which is easy to grip.  It is small enough to be carried around in a pocket or hand bag Head size 95mm (3¾ inches) wide 50mm (2 inches) deep Weight 130g ...Read More
Sammons Preston Height Adjustable Crawler
Sammons Preston Height Adjustable Crawler Aids and encourages crawling when body support is required. The waterproof leatherette body support tilts forwards or backwards for correct positioning and encourages vestibular responses. Height adjusts from 295 to 385mm (11 ½ to 15 ¼?) Suitable for children aged 3 to 9 years.  Maximum user weight 6¼ st 40 kg ...Read More