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Crocodile Reverse Walker
Crocodile Reverse Walker PLEASE BE AWARE THIS ITEM WILL TAKE BETWEEN 2-4 WEEKS TO BE DELIVERED The Crocodile reverse walker is designed to facilitate postural alignment, balance and phases of walking. It encourages a more upright posture, improves upper extremity position, helps develop balance and encourage the correct walking posture. Optimal support is given whilst at the same time allowing freedom of movement.   The Crocodile is manoeuvrable and very sturdy, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and folds for easy transportation and storage. It is available in two sizes ...Read More
Fall Savers Bed Sensor Pad
Fall Savers Bed Sensor Pad Flexible and thin to avoid any discomfort to the patient when in use. Used with the sentry or deluxe sentry monitors to warn carers of movement of a monitored patient leaving the bed. The bed sensor pad is for use on top of the mattress and under any linens or mattress overlays. Length 750mm (30˝). Width 250mm (10˝). ...Read More
Rolyan Wrist Support
Rolyan Wrist SupportHas a creep resistant elastic which prevents bunching that can restrict circulation. The anatomical design provides superior comfort and function and the two piece design assures optimal fit. Includes a removable adjustable stay, hand or machine wash, air dry. For size, measure circumference at the wrist crease.     Small 14-16.5cm Medium 16.6-18.4cm Large 18.5-20.3cm X-Large 20.4-22.2cm     Pack of 10   ...Read More
Panoramic Rear View Mirror
Panoramic Rear View MirrorThis large extra wide rear view mirror improves driving safety and visibility by eliminating blind spots and giving all-lane visibility. Its non-glare convex mirror provides confidence while driving. which permit the driver to obtain an all round view of the road. Thus solving the problem of the driver not seeing a passing vehicle because the notorious “blind-spot” is virtually eliminated. The mirror is solidly made and easily fitted over the existing interior mirror with its spring clips.   Please note that these mirrors are a universal mirror, they s...Read More