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Unisex Mini Potti Urine Bottle
Unisex Mini Potti Urine Bottle Discreet, portable pouch ideal for any situation where access to toilet facilities is limited. Suitable for men, women and children, it turns up to 600ml of liquid into gel. Leakproof and odourless May be used until full Supplied as a pack of 3 ...Read More
Portascreen Shower Guard
Portascreen Shower Guard The Portascreen shower guard makes containing shower spray simple. Portable and easy to handle, the Portascreen folds flat for storage. The hinged doors are easily moved and positioned to provide maximum protection for the carer when assisting with a shower. Height 815mm (32?) Total length 1474mm (4´ 10?) Size when folded 530×815mm (21×32?) Weight 8.5kg.  ...Read More
Chopping Board
Chopping BoardA white polypropylene chopping board, 300×300mm (12×12˝). Stainless steel spikes hold food in place for peeling or slicing. 12mm (1/2˝) high corner guards prevent bread from moving when having butter or margarine spread on it. Four suction cups anchor the board securely to the work surface. ...Read More
Wall-Mounted Shower Seats
Wall-Mounted Shower SeatsThese wall mounted shower seats have a painted aluminium frame for durability. Both have a moulded plastic seat that clips on to the frame and the padded version has a generous moulded cellular cushion 300×400mm (11 ¾×15 ¾?). Seat width 460mm (18?) Seat depth 370mm (14 ½?) Depth from wall open 420mm (16 ½?) Depth from wall closed 100mm (4?) ...Read More