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Rollator & Transit Chair Combination
Rollator & Transit Chair CombinationThis innovative product can be used as either a rollator or a short trip transport chair – the user can walk themselves with the support of a rollator or can be pushed by a carer if they need a break.   The rollator features height adjustable handles with easy to operate loop breaks. The transit chair has flip up footrests providing support during transport, a lap belt and a pushing bar with non-slip hand grips.   The seat and backrest are padded for comfort when seated and there is an under seat bag for carrying small items. Large 1...Read More
Comfort Cape Hair Washing Tray
Comfort Cape Hair Washing TrayThis soft, lightweight flexible hair washing tray conforms around any chair or basin, allowing the user to remain upright during shampooing and reducing the risk of back strain for the carer. The buckle fastening allows adjustment to multiple neck sizes. Hook & loop straps are provided for a snug fit Width 585mm (23?) Length 635mm (25?) Depth 75mm (3?) ...Read More
Stand Easy Assistance Standing Frame
Stand Easy Assistance Standing Frame Ideal for anyone who needs that extra help getting from a seated to a standing position. This sturdy standing frame offers a secure solution to those who require assistance when getting in or out of a chair, wheelchair, bed or even car. The frame features a dual handle option which allows users to adopt either a push or a pull motion when raising or lowering and allows freedom to walk forward without obstruction. Internal width 500 to 700mm (193/4˝ to 271/2˝). External width 530 to 730mm (21 to 283/4˝). Lower handles 620 to 800mm (241/2 to 311/2˝). Upper handles 820 to 1000mm (321/...Read More
Thoresby Occasional Fireside Highback Chair
Thoresby Occasional Fireside Highback ChairAn added piece to the set for any occasion.     See also ...Read More