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DecPac Multi-Purpose Foldaway Ramp
DecPac Multi-Purpose Foldaway RampThis is a lightweight ramp, complete with its own bag for storage on the back of a wheelchair. It allows easy access in domestic situations, climbing kerbs, as well as coping with similar obstacles in the workplace. Width 740mm (29 inches) Maximum load 300 kg 47 st Availablein two options:   Length  Width  Weight ...Read More
Leg-X Adjustable Chair Raisers
Leg-X Adjustable Chair Raisers Moulded sleeves that have plastic inserts to give different height raises to chairs. Supplied as a set of four with inserts.  Integral fins and domed base give a pressure fit over the leg. Useful for odd-shaped legs. Sleeve height 200mm (8˝). Maximum leg diameter 45mm (1 3/4˝). Height raise 75, 100 or 125mm (3, 4 or 5˝). Weight 255g each. Supplied as set of four. Maximum load weight 501/4 st 320 kg ...Read More
Zip Puller with Built-Up Handle
Zip Puller with Built-Up HandleFor people who lack fine motor co-ordination or have a weak grip, this zip puller has a large, built up handle and can help users to raise or lower awkward zips. Length 203mm (8˝). Handle width 38mm (1 1/2˝). Weight 120g.  ...Read More
Wall Mounted Shower Seat with Back and Arms
Wall Mounted Shower Seat with Back and ArmsThis height adjustable shower chair has an aluminium frame, ensuring it is both lightweight and corrosion resistant. The arms, seat and legs fold easily away when not in use. Lift-up arms enable easier side transfer and the backrest offers additional support. Supplied complete with seat and backrest pads that may be removed if required. Seat width 460mm (18?) Seat depth 380mm (15?) Distance from wall 545mm (21½?) Distance from wall when folded 180mm (7?) Armrest height above unpadded seat 213mm (8¼?) Se...Read More