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Economy Bed Pan
Economy Bed Pan This general purpose bed pan is made from white plastic and has a handle and moulded indents for easy transportation. It is easy to clean using steam, water or chemicals. Length 390mm (15 ¼?) Depth 45mm (1 ¾?) Weight 405g.  Maximum user weight 23½ st 150 kg ...Read More
Adjustable Height Shower Chair
Adjustable Height Shower Chair This adjustable height shower chair has a convenient handle moulded into the plastic back rest to aid carrying. Made from plastic coated steel tubing, the ergonomic seat has a front cut away for ease of personal cleansing.        Seat Height 450 - 600mm (18" ...Read More
Homecraft Shampoo Basin
Homecraft Shampoo BasinSimple, sturdy PVC shampoo basin that easily inflates by mouth or pump. Ideal for bed use, it is easily and conveniently drained with a one-way hose. Length 660mm (26?) Width 610mm (24?) Depth 150mm (6?) Weight 725g.  ...Read More
Buckingham Bra-Angel
Buckingham Bra-Angel Occupational Therapist Chris Clarke has designed the unique Buckingham Bra-Angel specifically to assist those with mild to moderate upper limb restrictions or limited hand dexterity. The Bra‚ÄĎAngel holds one end of the brassiere securely whilst the other end is brought round the body and attached together.   It even enables those who only have the use of one arm to be able to put on their brassiere independently. The Bra-Angel is a stylish, feminine and attractive dressing aid combining innovation and simplicity.   It is versatile ...Read More