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Swift Shower Stool
Swift Shower StoolSwift is a prize winning range of shower stools and chairs that are both functional and attractive. Supplied flat-packed they are easy to assemble without tools and can be dismantled for cleaning, transport or storage. Manufactured from a combination of plastic and aluminium that is sturdy yet flexible enough to adapt to uneven floors. The soft ferrules ensure a good grip on all surfaces and the anti-slip pattern on the seat provides safety and stability. The oval telescoping legs are simple to adjust by hand. A handle in the rear of the backrest makes the lightweight Swift easy to carry ...Read More
Fall Savers Floor Sentry Monitor
Fall Savers Floor Sentry Monitor This versatile, easy-to-use, high quality bed and chair alarm system is an affordable tool for helping to manage fall risk patients and residents in care. The Fall Savers Monitor is a portable battery powered bed and chair alarm designed for use with either a bed or chair seat sensor pad. Can also be used with a durable floor sensor pad to sound an alarm when the patient steps onto the floor sensor pad.  The monitor sounds an alarm when the patient’s weight moves off the bed or chair seat sensor pad. With a high and low volum...Read More
Easyrail Bed Rail
Easyrail Bed Rail This extremely popular rail is suitable for use with slatted beds. Specially designed to sit flat within the bed frame and offer all of the benefits of the grab rails above.   The single version is ideal for any size bed and the double version can be used when both occupants need assistance or when a single occupant needs to turn over. Width 445mm (17 1/2˝). Handle Height 470mm (18 1/2˝). Maximum user weight 20 st 127 kg ...Read More
Pearl CosyFeet Shoe
Pearl CosyFeet Shoe A sporty-looking shoe with lots of stretch! This is a stretchy shoe with a difference! Not only do the soft, Elastane uppers ‘stretch-to-fit’ but so do the stitching and laces, making them perfect for swollen or mis-shapen feet. This style is roomy at the front, but narrow at the back so it’s ideal if you swell across your foot, but not around your ankle or heel.  Why you’ll love Pearl... Stretchy Elastane panels won’t put pressure on swelling, bunions or hammer toes Elast...Read More