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Disposable Chair Protector
Disposable Chair ProtectorThese disposable pads can be used on a chair or bed to protect the furniture and keep the user comfortable and dry from any leaks. Any liquid diffuses quickly throughout the pad, but the waterproof backing ensures leakage protection....Read More
Walking Stick Holder - for Walkers or Wheelchairs
Walking Stick Holder - for Walkers or WheelchairsThis simple attachment for a walker or wheelchair keeps a walking stick readily available when required. The stick rests in the lower cup section and clips into the top half of the holder to secure it into place. The holder is easily attached to most types of wheelchair or walker. Weight 115g.  ...Read More
Original Full Length Insoles
Original Full Length InsolesBlue Point products are made from medical grade viscoelastic silicone for long lasting support and comfort. They are designed for shock absorption, enhanced comfort and pressure relief. The position of the blue points helps to relieve pressure and reduce pain on the most sensitive areas of the foot. Can be trimmed to desired size. Washable and reusable. All products sold in pairs....Read More
Liberator Wedge
Liberator WedgeThis Slice Adds Spice! Often called the connoisseur’s serving spoon of choice, the Wedge offers delivery at a divine incline for deeper penetration and G-spot navigation.   The 27-degree angle will give you even more positioning options with the InimateRider Adventure Set or Romance Set. The wedge will improve sexual positioning for women with a physical challenge by simply placing the wedge on their bed for added support and comfort.    Microfiber Fabric: Special microfiber fabric allows the Wedge and Ra...Read More