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Deluxe Sandringham High Back Fireside Chair
Deluxe Sandringham High Back Fireside ChairThis high quality, stylish stool has been designed to match any of the Sandringham chairs. The slightly sloping, thick padded top provides the legs with a comfortable and relaxing position. Please note: This chair takes 6 to 8 weeks from manufacturing to delivery.  The sides are also useful to preventitems from falling. Back height 635mm (25 inches) Arm height680mm (26½ inches) Seat size 483 x 470mm (19 x 18½ inches) Seat height508mm (20 inches) Weight 13kg Choo...Read More
Easy Cushion Support
Easy Cushion Support A versatile U-shaped cushion that can be used to give support and comfort to various parts of the body. It can be used on the floor or in a bed to lift the head and neck when reading or it can be wrapped round the waist when sitting to give the back support.   Alternatively, it can be used between legs to help keep hips in alignment, or to help keep the user in a particular position, eg. the recovery position. Also useful in bed to keep the body stable and provide comfort. Optional washable blue cover. ...Read More
Vulkan Elastic Knee Support
Vulkan Elastic Knee SupportProvides comfort to the knee muscles andtendons by retaining heat. Provides superiorsupport and compression to the joint, tocontrol and limit swelling. Ideal for sprains andstrains. Easily worn under clothing for dailyprevention and protection...Read More
Eco Foam Cushion
Eco Foam Cushion This general purpose cushion is designed for basic pressure relief for wheelchair and seated users. Foam cushion with two way PU coated nylon stretch cover.  Size 430×430×80mm (17×17×3 1/4˝). Weight 400g.  Maximum user weight 15 st 95 kg Suitable for those at Low risk of developing Pressure ulcers...Read More