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CareBag Commode Liner
CareBag Commode Liner Designed to avoid the commode soiling, the CareBag hygienic liner for commodes provides maximum safety conditions for both the user and the carer, be it at home, in health institutions or whilst travelling. Absorbs 500ml of organic liquids or several litres of demineralised water.  ...Read More
Wall-Mounted Shower Seat with Back and Arm Rests
Wall-Mounted Shower Seat with Back and Arm RestsThis generously sized shower seat features a comfortable back support that is angled ten degrees from the vertical for additional support and comfort. The drop down arms are coated with polyurethane foam and have moulded hand grips giving comfort and security.   For additional user comfort the angle of the arms can be adjusted by five degrees either side of the horizontal. Framework and legs are made from stainless steel making this seat both durable and rust free. The seat can be folded away when not in use and arms fold back to allow side transfer. Two pairs of ...Read More
Flexi Cups
Flexi Cups These flexible cups with cut outs can be gently squeezed to change the shape of the cup lid. Liquid is visible through the plastic to aid with feeding. The green cup is stiffer and designed to be used independently. Dishwasher safe Latex free.   Available in: Pink Flexi Cups 30ml (1fl.oz.) - Set of 5 [920270] Blue Flexi Cups 59ml (2fl.oz.) - Set of 5 [920271] ...Read More
Folding Access Channel Ramp
Folding Access Channel RampA pair of lightweight folding channel ramps manufactured from fibreglass and designed for wheelchair or scooter access. These lightweight ramps are easily handled and fold in half for storage.   Finished with a non slip surface and smooth edges to prevent injury or damage. Internal width 203mm (8 inches) Maximum load 250 kg 39¼ st ...Read More