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Karen Swivel Recliner Comfort Stress Relieving Chair
Karen Swivel Recliner Comfort Stress Relieving ChairA generously upholstered swivel recliner, available in a choice of chestnut and red wine luxurious Oil Touch Leather. The Venus comes with a traditional style cherry finish round base and matching footstool.   Colour: Chestnut Wine ...Read More
Mckenzie Night Roll
Mckenzie Night Roll The Night Roll ties around your waist or can bepinned to the bed sheets, to support your lowerback and prevent strain that can be caused by badsleeping positions or inadequate sleep surfaces.   This roll is designed to be worn whilst sleeping, itsupports the lower back whether you’re lying onyour back or side. Washable cover included   Up to 875mm (35 inches) Waist  Up to 1000mm (40 inches) Waist ...Read More
Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Layer
Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Layer Minimises the time a therapist, teacher or aide needs to monitor the positioning of neurologically impaired children. While decreasing abnormal extension, it provides a supportive learning environment enabling the child to focus on activities in front of them.   Side positioning decreases abnormal extension, maintains shoulder protraction and allows the arms to be placed in midline position. Uses Include: Improved head control Improving forearm, hand function and hand-eye coordination Postural drain...Read More
Patriot Extrication Collar Neck Protector
Patriot Extrication Collar Neck ProtectorUniversal one-piece adjustable collar design fits most adults. Provides excellent cervical spine immobilisation, and can be easily applied in either a sitting or supine position. Easy-to-adjust snap locking tabs. Latex free Immobilization during emergency transport Routine patient care ...Read More