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Leg-X Adjustable Chair Raisers
Leg-X Adjustable Chair Raisers Moulded sleeves that have plastic inserts to give different height raises to chairs. Supplied as a set of four with inserts.  Integral fins and domed base give a pressure fit over the leg. Useful for odd-shaped legs. Sleeve height 200mm (8˝). Maximum leg diameter 45mm (1 3/4˝). Height raise 75, 100 or 125mm (3, 4 or 5˝). Weight 255g each. Supplied as set of four. Maximum load weight 501/4 st 320 kg ...Read More
Inflatable Elevator Cushion
Inflatable Elevator Cushion This inflatable cushion is designed to comfortably relax and elevate the user’s legs. Being extremely versatile it can also be used as a back or head support or as a foot cushion. It is easily inflated and deflated with the pump supplied, making it fully portable. Size 635×685mm (25×27˝). Weight 500g. ...Read More
Sienna CosyFeet Shoe
Sienna CosyFeet Shoe Lots of give when you’re on the go! Ideal for misshapen or sensitive feet, this stretchy shoe won’t put pressure on painful toes, joints or swelling. Why you'll love Sienna... Support of a leather shoe with the seam-free comfort of a slipper Elastane upper moulds to the shape of your foot – ideal for bunions and hammer toes Stretchy fabric means a good fit even for very swollen or bandaged feet Secure lace fastening that ...Read More
Richmond Standard Adjustable Bed Base
Richmond Standard Adjustable Bed Base  The Restwell collection of Electric Adjustable Beds makes relaxation and a good night sleep an affordable and very comfortable reality. This superb quality range is manufactured in the UK and is available with an excellent choice of mattresses including the new Restwell Memory Foam. This range of beds has been developed for anybody who would like to find different positions to relax in bed. It is becoming more and more popular to sit up in bed to read or to recline in bed and watch television or a film. Sometimes it is just great to recline in bed with your feet...Read More