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Air-Core Adjustable Pillow
Air-Core Adjustable Pillow With a simple squeeze of the pump, the pillow can be inflated providing the most appropriate support for the individual. The second lobe provides traditional fibre support. Filled with a premier, antimicrobial fibre. Size 610×410mm (24×161/4˝)....Read More
Chatsworth Rise & Recliner Chair
Chatsworth Rise & Recliner Chair  This classic design provides great comfort with its vertically tiered 3 cushion back. The Chatsworth remains one of our most popular models. Standard Features Large padded wings Firm scroll arms Waterfall 3 cushion back Pocket & Loop for easy handset location     See Also  ...Read More
SafePresence Chair Sensor Pad
SafePresence Chair Sensor Pad The chair sensor is a thin flexible sensor pad which can be used with both the SafePresence Status Monitor and Audio Attendant without any discomfort to the person being monitored. The chair sensor is placed on the seat of the chair and detects the weight of the person being monitored. When the person moves off the chair the pad activates the monitor. The robust sensor pad features antibacterial properties. Length 380mm (15 1/5˝). Width 300mm (12˝). ...Read More
Sandy Recliner Swivel Comfort Stress Relieving Chair With Massage
Sandy Recliner Swivel Comfort Stress Relieving Chair With MassageAvailable in a supple cream and black PU, the Milan massage chair features an ergonomic shape that allows you to rest comfortably. With its easy to use massage function this model offers ultimate ...Read More