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    Massage Balls


    When massaged on the body these balls help relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation.read more.
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    Gel Ball Hand Exerciser


    Gel balls colour coded to provide variable resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms. The balls are pleasant to touch and return back to their original shape after each squeeze. Perfect for use in the clinic or at home.read more.
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    Pill Organiser - Seven days


    The 7-day single pill box is designed for easy handling and to contain a full week's supply of medication with easy identification of days of the week. The ergonomic shape means it is easy to handle and the lids are designed to be easy to open without falling undone in pockets or handbags. It features seven compartments, one for each day of the week, and is manufactured from high quality material. Durable and long lasting it is dishwasher read more.
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    Economy Cervical Soft Collar Neck Support


    Simple and affordable, this is the medium sized version of the Economy Cervical Collar, which is also available in four other height and depth combinations. Like all the collars in this range, it has a medium density foam core and its outer fabric is made of stockinette. Length 52.5cm Depth 10cm read more.
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    Simply Putty


    Rehabilitation therapy for your hands. The Hygienic solution for single patient use putty. Each package contains one 2oz/50g portion of Simply Putty, fresh and protected in a re-sealable foil package.read more.
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    Poppet Pill Remover


    A quick and easy way to remove and organise pills for everyday use. Removes pills from most packs and collects them in the handle, enabling the user to place the correct pill in an organiser. Takes away the need to handle small and awkward pills Compact and lightweight for transportation read more.
  • add to cart »BioFreeze Pain Relief

    BioFreeze Pain Relief


      Biofreeze is the Number 1 recommended topical painreliever by hands-on healthcare professionals. Biofreezeproducts help manage discomfort by offering a varietyof benefits that assist in therapy, pain relief, exercise,training and overall comfort.   Using isopropyl alcohol as the active ingredient, Biofreezeproducts penetrate quickly, preventing or relieving painthrough cryotherapy. The application of cread more.
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    Vulkan Elastic Ankle Support


    Closed heel design and comfort duringmovement. Ideal for weak ankles and slightstrains of the tendons and ligaments.Provides effective support and compression.Unique antibacterial material ensures supportstays odour free.read more.
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    Vulkan Elastic Knee Support


    Provides comfort to the knee muscles andtendons by retaining heat. Provides superiorsupport and compression to the joint, tocontrol and limit swelling. Ideal for sprains andstrains. Easily worn under clothing for dailyprevention and protectionread more.
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    Vulkan Elastic Elbow Support


    Provides comfort for swollen or tender elbowsas a result of sprains and strains. Firm supportfor prevention of further pain and discomfort.Ideal for racket sports and golfers. Ideal forshort term use to control swelling.read more.
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    Vulkan Elastic Wrist Support


    One size fits all support to help aid weak,injured or swollen wrists. Features a thumbloop, designed to secure the support in place.Universal design to fit both left or right wrist.read more.
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    Copper Bracelet


    Enjoy natural relief from aches and pains with copper Get relief from rheumatism, arthritis and other aches & pains Copper is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. However, our body cannot produce copper itself and modern processes have largely removed it from our food. Sabona uses the purest, high quality copper and there’s increasing evidence that has anti-inflammatory properties.read more.
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    Vulkan Classic Wrist Support


    Designed for light sprains, strains and rheumatism. This neoprene support will help relieve swelling and it provides compression and support.read more.
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    Contour Rheumatic Pen


    This ball point pen with lightweight plastic case is especially suitable for arthritics and rheumatics. The built-up contoured shape is easy to grip, and virtually no pressure is required when writing.   Parker replacement refills are available at any good stationers.read more.
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    Magnifier with Neck Cord


    This magnifier hangs from a neck cord and has a moulded plastic frame that fits against the body to position the viewer without using the hands. It is ideal for craftwork with a high central magnification area for close work.  Magnification x 3 Lens diameter 100mm (4 inches) Weight 186g read more.
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    Pill Organiser with Tapestry Case


    This luxurious weekly pill organiser with tapestry effect cover features seven separate trays, 1 for each day. Each daily tray has 4 compartments labelled Morn, Noon, Eve and Bed in words and Braille Daily compartments can easily be removed to carry with you Size 110 x 185 x 40mm (4¼ x 7¼ x 1½ inches) read more.
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    Vulkan Classic Open Knee


    This support has a patella free opening with a stitched buttresswhich gives you extra support to the patella. Helps to relieve thepain of patella symptoms, unstable and medial/lateral ligamentsand cartilage damage.read more.
  • add to cart »Eye Drop Dispenser

    Eye Drop Dispenser


    Suitable for the majority of people who struggle with eye drops, this eye drop dispenser boosts confidence and supports independence. Simple to use and durable, Opticare accurately and safely targets the eye and helps you to squeeze the bottle.   The grip sized design makes it ideal for elderly or arthritic hands. Each dispenser is now supplied with a simple adaptor making it compatible with many non standard bottles.read more.
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    Hearing Amplifier


    This hearing booster is a major breakthrough in sound interception and amplification. It allows the user to hear the quietest of sounds indoor or our making it ideal for listening to the TV or radio.read more.
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    Magnetic Copper Bracelet


    A magnetic version of the Sabona Original Copper Bracelet Copper is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. However, our body cannot produce copper itself and modern processes have largely removed it from our food. Sabona uses the purest, high quality copper and there’s increasing evidence that has anti-inflammatory properties. This bracelet is the magnetic version of the Sabona Original Coread more.
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    Vulkan Classic Ankle Strap


    For use prophylactically or post injury, the Vulkan Ankle Strapgives increased compression by way of an easy fit design figureof-8 strap. Spiral stays and a stabiliser help provide firm support.read more.
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    Envelope Arm Sling


    Designed for easy application and adjustment with an extra deep pocket to improve arm positioning. The strap carries the weight of the arm across the back and shoulder for greater comfort. Supports forearm and wrist.  Measure length of forearm from elbow to knuckles:  Small: 28cm  Medium: 36cm  Large: 43cm  X-large: 51cm read more.
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    Exercise Balls


    A complete range of burst resistant exercise balls, up to 500kgs.This product comes complete with 2 extra plugs all packed in ahandy, compact carrier box   Maximum user weight:  500kg/78¾stread more.
  • add to cart »Patriot Extrication Collar Neck Protector

    Patriot Extrication Collar Neck Protector


    Universal one-piece adjustable collar design fits most adults. Provides excellent cervical spine immobilisation, and can be easily applied in either a sitting or supine position. Easy-to-adjust snap locking tabs. Latex free Immobilization during emergency transport Routine patient care read more.

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