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    Mckenzie Slimline Roll


    Medium Density and flatter design “for just thatlittle bit extra”: The Original McKenzie®Slimline Rollis designed to be used with modern seating thathas some lumbar support. Ideal for the elderly orpetite persons and those who have a limited rangeof motion in their lower back and therefore cannottolerate the larger size lumbar more.
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    Original Mckenzie Airback


    This inflatable lumbar roll is ideal for commutersand travellers. Especially useful on planes where thelumbar support is generally inadequate for longdistance more.
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    Mckenzie Round Roll


    The Original McKenzie®RoundRoll was the first ever lumbar roll made in theworld. Although this roll looks quite bulky, itcompresses down very easily, while still giving theappropriate more.
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    Mckenzie Heavy Duty Roll


    The Original McKenzie® Heavy Duty Roll is available in 100mm (4 inches) and 125mm (5 inches)thickness, and is perfect for use in the home orthe office. read more.
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    Mckenzie Cervical Roll


    Helps relieve postural neck and shoulder pain bysupporting the cervical spine during sleep. Shouldbe placed inside the patients pillowcase to provideextra support. Length 510mm (20 inches).read more.
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    Mckenzie Super Roll


    The Original McKenzie®Super Rollis a superior lumbar support that provides theultimate in function and aesthetic value. This rollis made of injected-moulded foam, which retainssupport for an almost indefinite period. Its flatter,curved shape contours comfortably around the bodyread more.
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    Mckenzie Night Roll


    The Night Roll ties around your waist or can bepinned to the bed sheets, to support your lowerback and prevent strain that can be caused by badsleeping positions or inadequate sleep more.

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Lumber Rolls