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Orthopaedic Wizard Pillow
Orthopaedic Wizard PillowQuality pillow specially shaped for cervical support, and contoured central area for various sleeping positions. Size 380 x 610mm (15 x 24 inches) Weight 1.1kg ...Read More
Incurve Plate Surround
Incurve Plate SurroundThis ?exible guard can be ?tted to ordinary plates to assist with one handed eating. Three clips attach it to the rim and create a high inward sloping face to help with food collection and prevent spillage. Plate size 190 to 254mm (7½ to 10 inches) external diameter Microwave and dishwasher safe Weight 45g ...Read More
Heel Protector
Heel Protector Cushioned heel protectors with a foam pad which can be used in hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities. They can be machine washed and dried.   They have a stretchable body and are knitted proportionately. Medication can be applied to pad when needed. One pair supplied. Can be used as Elbow protector ...Read More
Hi-Riser Folding Frame
Hi-Riser Folding Frame This lightweight folding frame is designed to help the user rise from a seated position. The lower handles are situated in the ideal place for the user to push themselves upwards into a standing position. The upper handles are then used as a standard walker would be. May also be reversed and used as a toilet surround rail....Read More