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PainSolv Mk V
PainSolv Mk VEmits pulsed magnetic waves to help manage pain and heal wounds This easy-to-use, class 2a medical device emits pulsed electromagnetic waves. These waves gently and painlessly penetrate body tissue, helping to manage the pain and discomfort caused by conditions such as Arthritis, Joint Problems and Sprains. It can also help manage the pain associated with conditions such as slow-healing Leg Ulcers, Pressure Sores and Heel Ulcers and can be useful in helping manage pain associated with conditions such as Stress or Migraine Headaches. This latest, new and ...Read More
Splash Scooter Bag
Splash Scooter BagThis strong durable bag is ideal for most scooters with or without a headrest. It has one main compartment, a small zipped front pocket and two side net pockets ideal for a drinks bottle. There is a reflective strip for safety. There is a reflective strip for safety.  Dimensions: 43x43x10cm ...Read More
Robert CosyFeet Slippers
Robert CosyFeet Slippers This soft, adjustable bootee keeps ankles and feet comfy and warm Wrap-around comfort Keep feet cosy with the original extra roomy ...Read More
Self Propelled Wheelchair for Hire
Self Propelled Wheelchair for Hire If you woud  like to rent/hire this weelchair for longer than 2 weeeks please contact us on  0141 887 5975  for a better deal.   This Swift Self propelled wheelchair for hire is designed for indoor or outdoor use.Lightweight aluminium frame,which easily folds and dismantles without any tools.Fixed armrest.Available as self propelled or attendant-propelled with cable brakes.compact designe makes easy to use indoors.Choice of two seat widths and padded upholstry as standard.   Robu...Read More