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Mason CosyFeet Shoes
Mason CosyFeet Shoes A smart leather shoe that’s much roomer than it looks. These comfy, leather casuals have been cleverly designed to accommodate swollen feet without compromising on style. The tongue sits neatly on the foot and opens right out making them easy to put on and very adjustable. ...Read More
Portable Modular Ramp kit
Portable Modular Ramp kitPortable modular ramps that are versatile enough to solve a variety of problems. Quick and easy to install, the kits have a width of 750mm (29½ inches) and can overcome thresholds up to 150mm (6 inches).   Designed with a safe working load of 1 ton per square inch. Lightweight, they can be installed as a temporary or permanent solution.   Available options: Model Height ...Read More
Chester Deluxe Adjustable Bed Base
Chester Deluxe  Adjustable Bed Base  The Restwell collection of Electric Adjustable Beds makes relaxation and a good night sleep an affordable and very comfortable reality. This superb quality range is manufactured in the UK and is available with an excellent choice of mattresses including the new Restwell Memory Foam. This range of beds has been developed for anybody who would like to find different positions to relax in bed. It is becoming more and more popular to sit up in bed to read or to recline in bed and watch television or a film. Sometimes it is just great to recline in bed with your feet...Read More
Lotion Applicator with Massaging Head
Lotion Applicator with Massaging HeadApply cream and massage skin at the same time with this long-handled applicator. Simply remove the top of the applicator and fill with the desired cream or lotion. The rotating balls ensure even distribution and a pleasant massage. Alternatively, the interchangeable foam head can be used to apply thicker creams directly onto the skin. The foam head should be cleaned in hot, soapy water. All other parts are dishwasher safe. Handle length 350mm (13¾ inches) Weight 150g ...Read More