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Bexhill Rocker Style Foot Rest
Bexhill Rocker Style Foot RestThis foot rest adjusts to the angle required via the coated metal rockers. Available in brown dralon or PVC. Lower cushion size: 305×405mm (12×16˝). Upper cushion size: 305×305mm (12×12˝). Rocker length: 490mm (19 1/4˝). Weight 4.6kg. ...Read More
Digestisan tincture
Digestisan tinctureDigestisan - A herbal remedy for the relief of indigestion Indigestion remedies? Digestisan for the relief of indigestion Digestisan is a licensed herbal remedy for the relief of indigestion, feelings of fullness and flatulence. It contains extracts of freshly harvested Cynara (Artichoke), Dandelion, Peppermint and dried Boldo leaves. Benefits and features of A.Vogel Digestisan: Herbal indigestion remedy Helps with feeling of fullness and flatulence ...Read More
Sandal Shower
Sandal ShowerThe ShowerSandal requires no bending or stretching to use. Simply affix the suction cups to the floor of the shower or bath, wet it, apply some liquid soap and rub your foot back and forth for a thorough, refreshing foot wash. The ShowerSandal is designed to clean your entire foot, including in-between toes, the arch, heel, sides and top of the foot.   It is especially useful for people who have difficulty bending or those who have a condition requiring special foot care. The ShowerSandal gives a gentle massage while providing comfort and safety by alleviating the...Read More
Vulkan Classic Open Knee
Vulkan Classic Open KneeThis support has a patella free opening with a stitched buttresswhich gives you extra support to the patella. Helps to relieve thepain of patella symptoms, unstable and medial/lateral ligamentsand cartilage damage....Read More